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Monday, January 27, 2014

Well happy Monday and happy last week of January - can you believe we are heading into our second month of 2014 already? Over the weekend I was the last domino to fall with the flu at our house and luckily I had this post prepped for today, well, minus the words, which are feeling quite challenging to formulate at the moment. Still I am not nearly as bad off as my boys who look like squirrels storing nuts in their checks - their glands are so swollen and they have just been miserable with pain and fever and cough. So while I'd trade places in a heartbeat with them I am glad that I am well enough to tend to their every need (which mostly includes snuggles, popsicles, changing between cartoon channels and spoonfuls of honey). Another place I'd trade in a heartbeat is my apartment for this stunning place in St. Paul-Minneapolis. It belongs to Madelyn Furlong, who runs the beautiful blog Wide Eyed Legless, assistant designer at Target, and Hackwith Design House Stylist. I love the equity of design between the lightness and warmth, minimalism and comfort, simplicity and drama, vintage and modern. I also love the toro chair nestled in the corner next to that gorgeous window. And I have never once thought about painting my bathroom black, well, that is until now, but I think I'd definitely need that sink too. I found this tour over at The Everygirl (the tour includes a really great interview with Madelyn too), have you visited there before? So many great interviews and house tours, I spent a good deal of my weekend getting lost in the archives. 


  1. apartments with brick walls really make me swoon. plus, this womans apartment has the most wonderful arch window in her brick wall! best of both worlds. as steven and i "window shop" for apartments online in chicago, i'm always willing to stretch our budget for places that have a brick wall. steven on the other hand, he's the more simple of the two of us, and economical too. he's happy with just walls and a bed. :)

  2. Oh dear. I'm so sorry you're under the weather, all of you! I love this apartment. If I ever go back to apartment or condo living, I'd want it to be someplace just like this. Like Yelle, I love the brick, and while I love looking at that bathroom, I'm not sure I could ever really do it. As we're trolling for inspiration for our master, I'll see dark master baths and think, "Hmmm..." But once in that glorious cave, I'm not sure I'd ever crawl out!

  3. What a beautiful work space! I like how cosy and simple it is. Brick and white walls and wood flooring, I can't ask for more. :) Get well soon, Christine!

  4. love the everygirl and love that space!
    i'm getting serious light envy...those windows!

    PS - hope you feel better christine.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  5. Such wonderful lighting! I love it all!


  6. Oh I'm so sorry you and your kids are so sick! Well it sounds like they are getting excellent care--and popsicles bring back so many memories of getting nursed back from the flu :) This apartment is just excellent! I love that she has her own unique take on so many of the best trends. Thanks for the link tip, I will have to check it out!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. I hope you feel better soon. all of you. and no, I cannot believe it's almost February.crazy, isn't it??

  8. Awww, I'm sending you a virtual pot of chicken noodle soup (gluten free of course) and hope that you guys are feeling right as rain soon enough. Love the house, especially the first picture

  9. I definitely see a trend happening in bathrooms being painted black. Oddly enough, I've seen it primarily in small powder rooms. I like the look. I also like the black accent paint in the kitchen, it adds a lot of visual interest. And I love the sign, I can relate. Hope you feel better love. XO


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