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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

With all the lovely little vignettes in this flat it gives the illusion that this teeny tiny studio apartment is much bigger than it is. Even though the living, sleeping and working space all share the same walls, each space feels very much its own with the design and styling - and, yet, from the wide angle shots you can see how it all flows seamlessly together. I think I could learn a thing or two from whoever lives in this sweet space. I also really love the entry, how it separates and defines that space from the rest of the flat, and the wallpaper gives it such a grand feeling. I think if one were to live in such a small space an entry like this would be phenomenal to have. And I could add the the kitchen to the list of things I absolutely love about this space, that kitchen is divine. But it's a good thing that they only have 7 shirts.

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  1. Christine, each post you do lately is better than the next! I love this little place and couldn't help but wonder how it is that my little places in nyc never looked anywhere near this great back in the day. Well I think it was way less important back then to live in a cool place than it was to wear the right cool clothes, hat, glasses, makeup--ha! No wonder I had no money for furniture!
    xo Mary Jo

  2. Me parece super bonito y el lugar de trabajo una gozada.

  3. The entry might be my favorite part! That and that desk overlooking that gorgeous view. I agree, each post you do is better and better lately, and each sweet apartment more and more lovely.

  4. CUTE! I love the mix of the old with the new.. and it looks like smart people live there.. maybe its the E=M2 or the bug prints :)

  5. LOL you cracked me up with the shirt comment. But seriously, is this my house? I mean the R stands for Rooth right?


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