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Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are falling like dominos around here. I was so proud of how long it had been since any of us had been sick - for me, probably the longest stretch since I have been a mom. But what has really impressed me is that we have been staying healthy despite hearing that this is one of the worst cold and flu seasons (though they probably say that every year). However, it does seem everyone I know has had at least one virus and yet, and we have seemed oddly immune. I might have been silently gloating a little bit inside, because we are usually going from one cold to the next, always the first to get it and last to get over it. We had the H1N1 a couple years back and I thought maybe surviving that nightmare boosted our immunity, or going wheat-free had. We have felt like maybe we might be getting sick a few times only to wake up in triumph the following day that we had in fact beaten it back. But this time we are losing the battle to some sort of nasty cold/flu. Fisher was first, he's been sick since last week with fever and chills and a terrible sore throat and cough, and I keep saying "i don't want what you have!" and spraying lysol in the air all around him, loving I know - but I have really wanted to keep this record going. Though with M+L now showing signs I am afraid it's going to be about trying keep us comfortable and hopefully shortening the duration rather than warding it off. And I am thinking my days are likely numbered. So with that I have rounded up some of the cold remedies I have been saving for future use or that I turn to in times of sniffles and body aches. I also love the good old stand-by recipe of lemon/apple cider/cayenne pepper/honey. Do you have any favorite cold and flu remedies?


  1. I worry less for myself this year than for Cal, incubated the way he is, all dorm like with a bunch of *teens* in a hotel. My dad has been sick, and is just now getting better, since CHRISTMAS. Neel claims he had the flu when we were in Florida (it wasn't the flu), and he never gets sick. For us? Zycam, apple cider vinegar, rest, rest rest and hydrate. Feel better, my dear. XO

  2. oh no, i'm so sorry to hear your family is getting ill!
    honestly when i am sick i just stay horizontal for a few days until i feel well enough to walk, but your drink sounds really delicious!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  3. An Indian guy I worked with SWORE by adding tumeric/pepper/honey to milk and chugging it down when your throat hurt. I never tried (lactose intolerance, and something tells me I'd rather have a sore throat than THOSE symptom) but he swore it worked and nipped sickness in the bud before it could turn into anything more sinister. My remedy is just tons of tea and water. And lots of self-pitying whining :)
    Unrelated, the first thing I think of when I see the word "elderberry" is the French guard in Monty Python & The Holy Grail, haha.

    1. Oh, derp, forgot my favorite remedy: Jewish penicillin! Matzo ball soup! :)

  4. I hope everyone will get better soon. As for cold and flu remedies, I usually drink lots of tea with lemon and honey and vegetables soup, it always helps.

  5. :( no bueno. I was sick over Christmas and my mom brought me 7up and home made chicken soup. When my husband's sick he requests grilled cheese sammiches and chamomile tea. I know the best thing that I do when someone gets sick in my house is change all the sheets and then change the pillow case every day. sounds OCD but it totally works

  6. aw so sorry that you are all sick! luckily, only steven has had one cold, and i have not caught it. however - that chicken soup looks so delicious - whether or not you're sick i bet that is perfect on a cold night!

  7. i'm sorry to hear that. i hope you guys get well soon.
    for me it's lemon/honey with warm water. and my mother's corn soup.

  8. Oh noooooo - ginger tea is a really good go to. Get lots of sleep and stay wrapped up and warm!

  9. I love your blog


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