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Friday, January 31, 2014

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, really, truly they made my day! And when I do make it to Paris someday it is going to be quite the event because so far most of you are going with me! Parisian Invasion! Or would it be an American Invasion? The other highlight of my day was talking to my grandma on the phone. We talked for well over an hour about her childhood in Minnesota, her voyage to Oregon, Downton Abbey, and how if I think it's weird to say I am thirty-eight now, just wait until I say one of my grandkids is 38 and two of my kids are retired (touché, grandma, touché), and we talked of a million things in between. I can just get lost in those conversations forever. It was the favorite part of my day.  (ugh, this paragraph formatting is driving me crazy, why must you be such a rebel?)

I know I have said it before on this blog but when I started blogging, probably like many of you too, those beginning months can feel like being the only kid sitting alone at the lunch table and trying to not to get caught staring at the cool kids table. But at some point you start making connections and then those connection become friendships. One of the friendship that I have formed is with my dear friend, designer extraordinare, Mary Jo Matsumoto. She lets me ask her questions and shares her love of mid-century finds and is just a genuinely lovely and talented person. And she just happens to be having a flash sale starting today! She makes the most beautiful handbags, clutches, wallets and nail polish (among other beautiful things). There are several design to choose from in her sale all for 50%(!) off. It runs through the weekend, but they are selling out fast so waste no time. And I know from stalking, reading her blog and online store about page they have been worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie, spotted at the oscars and appeared on Oooooprah, and really, that's just to name a few. 

You can visit the flash sale here. Read her blogs here and here (she has two!) and visit her online store here.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I just figured you were taking a long weekend for your birfday :) You described it perfectly: sitting alone at the lunch table. Trying to make friends, wishing it would happen faster. Oh, blogging. I don't miss the early days, that's for sure! Who would feel nostalgia for all that time spent without friends like you?? Have a wonderful weekend, love. xo

  2. That conversation with your grandmother sounds like it was amazing, I'm so glad you got to have that on your birthday. Those kinds of things stay with you and I'll just stop now before I get all teary. But anyway, thank you so much for your beautiful post and spreading the word--I feel lucky to have met you in the blogging world. Your posts always brighten my day!
    xo Mary Jo

  3. i absolutely cherish the conversations i have with my grandmother. how lucky you are to have been able to spend so many years with her. and too funny what she said about having a granddaughter that is 38 :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  4. You are going to love Paris- its the best place in the world. Best food.. best art. best flea markets.. best accents :).. there are lots of bests. Its a place I want to go and live. It's kinda amazing the relationships you can make virtually with out ever meeting. it kinda makes everything a small world.

  5. Those bags are so dreamy, I love the bold colors. But more importantly, aren't grandparents the best? I could not love my grandfather or his stories any more. He's so rich in stories and full of life adventures. I only hope I can tell stories are well as he does when I'm his age.

  6. that is so cool that her bags have been worn by angelina jolie and other celebs! that first one, with the blue watercolor, so pretty. as for your bday, i am so glad you got to talk to your grandma so in depth. i adore both of my gmas and gpas, and i really love when they tell me what it was like for them growing up. some of my favorites include my grandmother growing up on the farm in brazil, and my other grandfather tells me stories of being nypd in the 60's and 70's. it was so different then, and i find that their generation is amazing at story telling. it's such a talent that i feel not many in my generation has.

  7. Happy happy belated birthday. I love the blue bag, your first photo!
    You are very lucky to have your grandmother still alive and happy to hear you spend time on the phone with her. Hope your January was wonderful X

  8. Oh hooray for a nice birthday! I just love how you describe that talk with your grandma and would give anything to talk that way with mine. I thought about you all day, which doesn't make it that different from any other day really, only more celebratory. And those bags? TO DIE FOR! I love the totes.

  9. I'm glad you had such a nice birthday. And those bags are really cute; I like the form and structure - very clean

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