Friday, January 3, 2014

It's Friday(!) and even though I didn't blog regularly this week, or last week, I am ready for another little break. It's hard to get back in the swing of things after the holidays, isn't it? I did manage to get all my decorations put away this week and do some deep cleaning to start my new year on the right foot, but my creative brain still seems to be on vacation and I can't stop wishing for Spring. So with that I will leave you with these.

I love this bedroom (pictured) and there's so many other little touches in this house that I love too. Hello staircase.

There are some pretty amazing ideas here in this giant list of life hacks, a couple I have even used. And the one I neeeeed to use is the ipad cord trick, we have gone through so many of those things!

This video moved me to look for and see the "more beautifuler things" in the world.

Somebody stop me! The area rug I have been wanting is 70% off right now. I must wait. I must - I don't think Marla is ready for a new rug quite yet.

Politics are not something I normally talk about here . . . but I just found this petition last night . . . I could go on a whole tangent about this but I won't - the petition outlines it all pretty well.

I got this book for Christmas and after about 10 pages in I have had the hardest time putting it down, so good. So that's probably what I will be doing this weekend, lots of reading. Any plans for you?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I bought the goldfinch the other day but am still reading other books. my creative brain is still vacationing too and I pretty much live in my books at the moment. my new year starts on Monday, I decided xoxo

  2. I'm totally with Petra. New Year starts Monday! My dad is deep in the Goldfinch and LOVES it. I'll need to add it to the queue. We've waited so long for another of her books, haven't we? And thank you for the link to that gorgeous home. I have long love Brian Ferry's photography, and his take on interiors is stunning.

    Thanks for the link to the petition too. Hello, no brainer. :)

    Happy, happy weekend dear. Ours will be frantic, but after that I can breathe.

  3. that bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! i have heard great things about "the goldfinch." i am currently reading "the beautiful and the damned"...but thinking that than when i finish it will be my next book.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  4. I've got The Goldfinch too, but haven't started it year - glad to hear it's a good one. Love the image - so warm and inviting. Happy Friday!!

  5. Lots of reading here too this weekend. :) I saw The Goldfinch recommended by so many people that I have to get a copy for me as well. Have a wonderful weekend, Christine!

  6. stop! your decorations are already away? meh.. i have a lot to do :( but i'm with you - it's hard to get back into the swing after holidays, and secretly i'd like to enjoy a couple more days at home with my christmas tree... i just saw that trip with the walnut on wood - it's brilliant! being that so many of my wood furniture is second hand - i need walnuts now!

  7. I just ordered the Goldfinch on my Kindle. The likelyhood of finding the time to read it is relatively remote...BUT it's one of my 2014 resolutions. Haha. On another note...love that bedroom so much and it has been really challenging getting back into the swing of things. Sigh...

  8. Can you believe that I've procrastinated this long about buying a rug? I've lived in my apartment almost a year and it's still bare hardwoods. 2014 is the year to splurge maybe?


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