Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Friday! Ah, the weekend is upon us again. I have to admit that I am usually a pretty stress-free person. I mean being a little neurotic is apart of my nature but I have my tactics for reducing daily stress - complaining seems to be my choice method. But I hate to sound like a whiner so to be able to complain at the rate I like I usually find positives in all the things that I might be complaining about, obviously this helps me end my rants on a high note and makes me feel better in a killing-two-birds-with-one-stone sort of a way. I also like to make lists and start tackling things, including really simple things on my list like "sweep" just so that I can start building a little stockpile of accomplishments. Sometimes right before I do a task I will go write it down really quickly just so I can have the satisfaction of checking it off a list. It's all about the mind tricks and I have learned to trick myself pretty well over the years. But sometimes, once in awhile, I will get this sort of stress of doom feeling that I can't figure out. List don't help, and complaining doesn't help because I don't know what to complain about. That is where I found myself yesterday. My method for that is usually frantically cleaning things in tight corners, taking on those things I usually avoid when I am feeling content, in a sort of repentant effort of sorts. So I am thinking this weekend I will be getting some cleaning done. to work out these mental knots. Is there anything you do when you have the random case of mystery stress? 

Another thing I like to do is look at pretty things. I found these two interesting interiors here and here. That marble and plywood is so different. Nothing I'd ever put together myself, but it somehow works so lovely together here. And that little office is a tiny corner of a really striking house in Madrid. So many interesting elements and bold photographic art on the walls. Have a happy weekend ya'll.


  1. I too have been guilty of writing things on a to-do list, just before doing them, just so I feel I can cross something off...but I usually find the new year stressful too...perhaps it's to do with high expectations and knowing we'll no doubt be found wanting in some way...

    Either way, I like the plywood and marble combo too, so thanks for sharing that, and hope the stress recedes soon :)

  2. Oh, I definitely do that list thing...sometimes even *after* the fact! ;) What a sense of accomplishment! And it's funny, I'll sometimes wake up with that doom feeling and wonder, "what do I have to be worried about?" Usually I can pinpoint it, but not always. Sometimes it's prescience, and something will happen that day, and I'll think, "oh, that's what it was." My mom is (and this never occurred to me before, but it's true) great for sayings and here are two I rely on A LOT. The first we use for headaches, "Never hurry, never rest." It basically means just keep plodding forward, but don't stop because that's when the pain, the fear, the worry will grab you. The other is that 80% (??) of what we worry about doesn't come true. I think about that one too much, maybe, but you know what? Generally, she's right!

  3. Oh girl, I hear you. I inherited my "cleaning things de-stresses me" gene from my mom, and sure enough, whenever I'm feeling antsy or just a little too mentally cluttered, I break out the vacuum. If you can't pinpoint what exactly is the matter, don't beat yourself up over it, it only makes the worrying worse. Break out the Swiffer and get scrubbing ;) I like cleaning and organizing when I'm having one of those moods because it's an immediate gratification: it was dirty now it's not! Haha. Oh, my twinsy. I hope you have a good and relaxing weekend. I'll check in with you and make sure you haven't bleached every surface into oblivion, haha. xo

  4. i adore marble - especially in kitchens. however, one thing i learned recently is that red wine could severely stain and damage light colored marble. and, as a registered wino (if it was a thing, i'd totally be one), that would be an accident waiting to happen. my dream house might just have to be made up of black marble with white veins running through it. le sigh.

  5. Cleaning puts my mind at ease as well - and decluttering (nice way of saying throwing things away). It's the physical act of cleaning things up that are what I want to mirror inside my head and for a little bit, my brain believes it. But it is tough to trick yourself, which is another reason why I have one of the cleanest floors of all time.

  6. Happy weekend Christine! It's funny, I almost wrote about cleaning today because that's mostly what I've done lately. I found this pin called "30 ways to deep clean your house" - it's cathartic! Anyway, not all the tips worked, lol but some did. I just saw you have my bag to the right--so sweet of you, thank you! See, it's a good thing we don't live closer or I'd round you up for some good craigslist scavenging over the weekend. p.s. that white marble/wood kitchen is really eye-catching!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. those are both beautiful. I particularly love the 2nd picture. hope you feel better again soon. we all have good and bad days. sending you good vibes xoxo


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