Friday, January 24, 2014

I am happy to report that I am still in the clear from the sickness that has invaded our house, which is good because all three of my children are now in the throes of this flu bug. Yesterday we had to see the doctor because, as timing would have it, this is finals week for Fisher and he really needed some cough medicine so he could get some sleep and make it through the last day of his tests. And poor Luca woke up so wheezy, which as a mom is just one of those things that immediately freaks me out. We are still doubling down on the natural remedies, but sometimes you need some good old western medicine. I think this weekend we will be renting dvd's, snuggling and eating lots of chicken soup. 

I think I have been pretty open with the fact that I live in my yoga/leggings, a habit I can't seem to break being as I don't really have to working from home and all, but I deplore feeling like I am not fully "dressed" so I like it pair them with nice fluffy sweaters in lovely neutrals like the ones above in grey and cream

The last couple days has been filled with news regarding the Ukraine and I hate to admit that I really had no point of reference as to what was going on. But I found this article that breaks it down, if you are in the dark too but wish you weren't it is pretty reader friendly.

This photography book which collects portraits of beloved teddy bears and other stuffed animals is one I would love to have for my coffee table collection. It is so adorable and I love that there are stories included with the portraits. I didn't really have a favorite stuffed animal myself, but Fisher did, baby bear, (who bears a striking resemblance to our new pup, Marla) he went everywhere with us (until Fisher was about 11 years old). We lost him once at a cafe while visiting a friend when Fisher was about 8. It was very traumatic, and honestly I was just as upset as Fisher was, baby had really become a part of our family and we had already lost, permanently, lamby and tigery, the first of his beloveds. But luckily when my friend went back baby bear was propped up in a highchair waiting to come home and we've all been together ever since. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm and healthy. 


  1. So. Two stories. One is that I too live in my yoga pants. Sometimes Neel will leave the house with me in Level 2 Jammies (yoga pants). I'll shower and dress in real people clothes, but go for a walk sometime before he gets home, so that when he walks in the door I'm back in Level 2 Jammies. I have to say, "I DID get dressed today!"

    Two. Cal has a Pooh Bear. When we moved here from CA, Pooh got left behind in one of the hotels we stayed in. YIKES. Cal was only four, we'd left behind the only home he'd ever known, and we were moving to a place without a home (into a temporary condo). So once we checked with the hotel and had them FedEx Pooh back to our condo in VA, I concocted a lengthy story about Pooh's journey across the country. (Why he decided to stay an extra day in MISSOURI we'll never understand) He called in every night and had to have cash wired to him at one point. I'm just grateful that he didn't have to be bailed out of jail. But he arrived on our doorstep safe and sound, and he's still here.

  2. My weekend wardrobe looks something like this: leggings, American Apparel gray tee (perfectly worn and soft) and big sweater. Wool socks. If we go out, I put pants on (begrudgingly!). I see nothing wrong with leggings :)
    SO, favorite stuffed animal. I have a rabbie (rabbit) blanket doll that I've had since I was an infant: http://s.ecrater.com/stores/77349/4aedfce79282b_77349n.jpg I still keep it in bed with me. He's been all around the world, coming with me everywhere I go. If my house went up in flames, he'd be one of the few things I'd scramble for. He is the most soothing and lovely piece of my childhood, and I still love it just as much at 27 as I did at 2. Since he went everywhere with us, though, he did have a scare when I was about 5 when I left him at my mommom's house (she lived 45 minutes from us outside the city), and of course I didn't realize it until we got home late that night and my mom carried me to bed. Tears. Screaming. Desperation. I couldn't fathom sleeping without him, so my daddy drove all the way back and searched my mommom's house and, not finding up, CLIMBED IN THE DUMPSTER in her development because she'd taken the trash out after we left and he thought there was a chance it had been thrown away. He found it in her living room, eventually, I think, but I was hysterical until he walked in the door with it (it must have been 2am at this point). It all had a happy ending, but ever since I am so anxious about his whereabouts at all times. God, even one night last week I woke up groping under my pillow in the middle of the night because I couldn't find him in my sleep. I'm an adult, I SWEAR! ;) xo

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better! These sweaters are amazing. I'd totally live in it if I had one!! Here's my usual lounging at home wear: http://www.lushtoblush.com/lounging-home/

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. yay! you didn't get sick :) hopefully the weather still stays awesome

  5. I hope you all feel better soon (written from within my yoga pants) xoxo

  6. Oh Christine, hoping everyone gets better and that you stay well! Movies and chicken soup sounds like a great idea and I love fluffy sweaters with leggings--sounds like the perfect pretty and comfortable outfit for working at home. I wear paint splattered jeans most days and really need to upgrade, lol!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. So that photography book about the stuffed animals is so cute. Mila has her Hop Hop the bunny. We've lost him (and found him) twice in the two years we've had him. My husband actually bought a second one exactly the same in case of such dire circumstances. The funny thing was I felt that it was a betrayal to the original Hop Hop. See now I'm attached to him! Or them. Or whatever. Sigh...parenting brings about so many emotions...even for stuffed animals! Haha.

  8. those sweaters look so comfy - perfect for both leggings all day and sick little children. i hope everyone gets better soon, and that fisher does well on his midterms! as for the loss of a teddy bear - i know that kind of sadness! i have a few stuffed animals from my childhood, one in particular, a walrus, that i got in new york city, and he's been on vacations with me since. i'm older, sure, but i still bring him home for christmas bc chritmas doesn't really feel like christmas without one of my favorite stuffed animals. the are such comforting things, i really don't know what i'd do if i lost him. it's a terribly sad thought!


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