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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great (long) weekend. Yesterday we woke up with another cold (grrrr) and so far it's all in my head, so honestly, I can't even think to try to recount what our weekend consisted of. Well, except for the set of four dining chairs that I found (they are these ones - without the arms) and they are a great deal. In fact I am having a wave of panic as I write this that someone may read it and go try to find them. I was in a hurry when I drove past them sitting on the sidewalk outside a shop (in an undisclosed location) and I couldn't turn my car around fast enough to see if they were in fact what I thought they were. Luckily I made it across traffic safely and stopped to get a closer look, and they were indeed exactly what I thought they were. I placed them on hold until the shop opens again on Wednesday (you now know what i will be doing wednesday morning). So maybe it's my cold that is filling my head and making it difficult for me to think, or maybe it's the chairs. It's probably the chairs. But onto this house tour which also has fantastic bentwood cane chairs. 

I am always envious of interiors where there are so many lovely little still-life vignettes and collections without the home looking encumbered and cluttered by them. This is something that I am always trying to improve upon in my home - the finer styling details is not my strong suit. That is one of the things that caught my eye in this house tour which belongs to the owner of the Swedish shop Artilleriet. I love the overall open and minimalist design but with the mix of unique objects that bring life and interest to the home. There are more photos that I left out which you can find here


  1. I'm in this really weird place (because of some things that are going on) where in my head I feel as if I'm moving TOMORROW (I'm not) and I have to decide RIGHT NOW where I want to live and what kind of house I want. Crazytown, huh? The things that will likely work for us are lovely, but not exactly what I want. This, what you have up here, is more what I want. Not sure it's gonna happen for me. Can I have two houses?

    We're fighting things here too. Poor Cal has a bit of a cold. We sent him back to Richmond with cold meds, and he's refusing to "get sick." Neel and I both have little tiny things which make us more irritable than anything. ;) Feel better, dear.

  2. I do hope you get better, a cold is absolutely dreadful to fight. I keep on seeing hands everywhere I look these days. Maybe it is the year of the hands. (You know a few years back e v e r y o n e had buddha statues, maybe at the end of this year we'll all have hands in our houses).

  3. what a beautiful home...the light is spectacular.
    i hate to hear that you are sick again! feel better soon.

  4. I do like that home, except for the hands and heads. I can do without excessive body parts lying around randomly

  5. What a good find on those chairs!! I love cane chairs like those. I can't wait to see them all set up in your home! I'm totally picturing you making a flash u-turn in traffic, tires screeching, bolting from your car to the shop to put a "hold" sticker on them :)
    I hope you're feeling better, head colds are miserable. I love this home tour. Love the marble counters in the kitchen and the wood floors (such a good mix of materials) but like Rooth I could do without the collection of hands, and that snake on the floor! xo

  6. The chairs! So glad you found them, I would have done the same thing haha. Annoying about the cold. My whole house is sick now. Typical! Ugh ready for cold/flu season to be over!

  7. ugh we have been sick too. :( I think its the micros in the air.. going from snow to rain- you know change in temperature. I love the design and the use of accessories except I am always a little weird about heads and body parts- I think it looks good but don't know if I could have them in my house.

    PS Don't worry I wont go and steal your chairs- muahahaha

  8. Catching up here--and certainly missing your good eye candy posts! Wow, really hard for me to get past those bentwood chairs--I'm wanting some just like that now. (I'm a shameless chair whoreder and I recognize that fact) and you have to post photos of your new chairs! I'm jumping up and down with excitement for you!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. wonderful place. so much light. sorry to hear you're sick again. get better soon xoxo


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