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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yesterday was one of those day where I felt like I was juggling a bunch a different things but not really getting much of anything done. There has been a lot of talk of the teachers striking here in Portland and it looks like it is indeed going to happen next week. It's also the time of year where I need to start applying to schools for M+L, because even though there is a really great school a stones throw away, our address falls in the boundaries of a school that is not so great, and definitely not as great as the art school Fisher got into. But my chances with two kids getting in, more people, less schools (portland like to shut entire schools down) it's sounding a lot more difficult this time around, and the glitch of the very likely to happen strike seemed to release the valve off the anxiety I have had about it. So I spent a lot of yesterday mentally scrambling trying to figure out how to meet all the criteria of applying to schools when the application dates/school visits and so forth fall within all the schools being shut down during the strike, whilst trying to accomplish tasks at hand. But all that for another day/post perhaps. At the end of the day I found myself drawn to all these tranquil shades of mint and sea foam green. I have to say this is a color I have always loved and have found to be both so calming and so happy at the same time. I like the looks of that blue sky in the first picture too. Yes, please. 

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  1. Yeeeesh, nothing like a little additional pressure. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and from the snow to the teachers' strike, looks like 2014 is keeping you running around Christine. I hope you catch a break for yourself (and the boys)!

  2. This minty green is so pretty. I've been seeing it a lot lately, and I likey.

    Arugh. School stuff. Just UGH. I was talking with my friend Rebecca who has two little ones (3 & 1) and is deciding about school, just preschool now, but looking forward... and it's so hard. Really just the biggest decision, isn't it? When we switched Cal's school in 5th grade, I swear it was all I thought about.

    Sending peaceful, way-opening thoughts your way my love.

  3. Oh, I hear you about school issues. The district here is just in absolute chaos; they pulled hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, closed a bunch of schools, fired librarians and music teachers and vice principals from every single school because they were "non essential" etc etc. I went to a fundraiser a few weeks ago for my alma mater's music/theater program, because of course those teachers were cut, too. I was in the high school play all four years and cannot imagine not having had that opportunity, so I gave a bunch of money and encouraged all my alumni friends to do the same. How can education be such a low-on-the-totem pole issue for people where they'll willingly CLOSE schools?? Jesus, take that money from somewhere else!
    All this to say, I'm so sorry this is going to be a stressor for you, and I wish you infinite patience and luck. M+L deserve the very best, and I know you're going to fight your hardest to make sure they get it. xoxo

  4. Ugh school. You know Nora is only 19 months old and the moms are already talking about getting your kid registered for preschool. and Im thinking to myself- OMG do I have to worry about that now? Your a great mom- you are putting in the time to figure it all out and find a good solution- and it will happen. I love the color mint- its one color I don't think I could ever get sick of.

  5. Oh the school issue. I'm having a time just with pre-school and I'm really not looking forward to when Mila starts kindergarten. We're currently house-hunting and the school district is just another thing added to the whole mix! Augh.

  6. ohh, good luck with all that school stuff, sounds complicated! Mint is so calming a colour though, I love it!

  7. oh, wow, sounds stressful. good luck with all the school stuff. keep us posted.


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