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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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I am so ready for spring, but it seems spring is not ready to be here quite yet. Yesterday we had little flakes of snow falling from the sky and harsh cold winds that blew back my screen door, crashing two rather large heavy flower pots down to the ground, which proved to be quite heavy to pick up with my frozen fingers. And it's suppose to get much colder this week. We might get more snow (nothing like snow elsewhere, but still, we are mild temperature rain people around here). I am not one for the cold. When I get cold I almost start to panic. This seizer that my muscles seems to go into doesn't help my mysteriously atrophying right shoulder. My body retreats into itself in a tense and locked-in state and I can't lift my chin from my chest to look where I am walking; which I'd normally avoid doing in the freezing temps but am now routinely pulled out into the cold by my pup for our daily walks. All in all I dread the cold.

I remember when I was about 3 and half, we lived in Idaho at the time, and my great-aunt like everyone else up there was the outdoorsy type. And I was too. I loved my pony and sheep and camping and foraging in the woods and jumping across the creek on rocks and laying in the grass with my St. Bernard (actually my aunts dog, but i am pretty sure you would have gotten an argument from both me and the dog on this point. we were tight). I was always outside. So come winter my aunt thought I would also enjoy skiing. I did not. She signed me up for a ski class and I cried clinching my ski poles and licking the snot that was freezing on my upper lip. They kept telling me to try to ski but I was literally unable to move my legs from being so cold despite my awesome snowsuit. I was miserable. I couldn't understand why my normally doting aunt was punishing me. And I couldn't understand the argument that "it's fun!" It was likely the least fun thing I had ever done in my 3.5 short years. But come summertime I would happily fry in the sun. Once my grandparents took me to Hawaii and I stayed in the ocean the entire day, my suit had ridden up exposing my unprotected by sunscreen little buns and I had 3rd degree burns. My memory might be exaggerating, but I remember two giant purple stripes. But the next day I was back out building sandcastles and snorkeling. I have so many memories of being so hot I couldn't stay awake and falling asleep from the heat, but these are some of my favorite memories, the warmth inducing in me a wonderful languor. 

While I think I look a lot better in the cold than I do all sweaty and red from the sun, so freckled I start googling signs of skin cancer, and I prefer the head to toe winter clothing options, the bulky sweaters and scarves, but my soul really longs for the sun and color and flowers bursting from the buds on the trees and uprooting little bits of soil, and with this most recent cold snap I am feeling ready for the nice in between months of winter and summer that are ahead. Quite ready for spring. 


  1. Beautiful, sunny, warm memories. I wish I could say I had the same affinity. Sure, we spent two weeks at the beach every summer, and had a membership to a local pool the rest of the time, and I love swimming. Love! But...Thick layers and wool socks and scarves and gray skies are my comfortable place. I don't know why. I'll ride the winter out for us both, how about that? And once May/June rolls around and I'm needing two showers a day and sweating through all of my clothing on the un-air-conditioned subway platform and my skin is breaking out from all the oil my body is producing...then I'll start to kvetch. :) xo

  2. My mind tells me every year that I can't wait for the colder weather, the rains, the snow, the freeze, etc. And when that first heavy fall rain hits, I am absolutely giddy. But man, when it gets truly into the recesses of winter, I feel like I am in hiding. I am desperate to be outside, but I can only handle it for so long. I've realized I only truly love the winter weather when I am on the inside looking out on it. I don't like to get snow all over me (neither do my kids, they like being inside too), the cold makes my ears ache and being out in the rain is just plain annoying. Geez I feel like a fuddy duddy! Now put me in a cozy sweater all winter long in front of my fireplace with my cats and a mug of hot cocoa and never make me leave my house, now I am a happy girl! : )

  3. I am so excited for Spring…but just Spring. Summer is too hot! Haha…always waiting for the next best thing, right?!

  4. ugh i am over this cold.. at least its sunny today but its supposed to get in the teens this weekend. the ground hog said more winter :( and he was sure right.

  5. I woke up with a headache this morning and it's morphing into a cold I think. Add to that a coffee date with a friend who is in the middle of some serious trials, well. I'm moving slowly today. Just making it here and unlikely to get anywhere else.

    I'm going to have to spend some time deciding how I feel. Do I prefer cold vs. hot? I love snow. I love beaches so warm that the water in front of you compels you forward... You must cool off. So hmmm. I'll have to think on this. Maybe it's the change I like?

    And those flowers? Yes.

  6. You are so spot on, I feel the same. I look so much better with fluffy scarves against my crisp white skin. In the summer I'm a sweaty, red hot mess. But man does summer feed the soul with all those delightful colors.

  7. I am pretty sure a red nose, my hair gone all flat and an awkward stride do to bulk is not my best look, but I did not grow up in the cold, around snow, although when I was younger I wished for nothing more. I guess the flip side is you have to stay very healthy in order to wear the clothes that warmer weather demands and I have been slacking...for like 6 months. But it still could be warmer. We were discussing this during last night's hike and everyone reasoned that the reason it feels so fricking cold right now is that we're all going around in tee shirts in 60 degree weather which is just so wrong. Anyway, I love being warm and can't wait until it thaws out a little. Love your images Christine! Again, more great graphics!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. My heart also belongs to summer. We are supposed to get snow today (yikes) and when I peeked in on the horses last night, they were quiet and snug under their blankets (but wishing it was at least 20 degrees warmer). I know when summer is here and the mosquitoes are everywhere and I'm dripping buckets of sweat that I'll remember this cold weather nostalgically but right now, I wish it would take a break!

  9. "My body retreats into itself in a tense and locked-in state and I can't lift my chin from my chest to look where I am walking" - that's so me. I also get a really red nose and look all around miserable. I wasn't made to withstand the cold. stay warm my friend xoxo


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