Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy valentine's day! Last night I had stop one of the information nights for schools, which is a required step in applying, and by applying I mean being placed in the lottery. I have visited them all before when I went through this with Fisher and it was a bit strange to be going through it all again 10 (!) years later for my little m+l. On my way to school one (i think i will be visiting approximately 8 in all over the next week or so) I stopped by Target to kill some time and it was packed. This was when I realized that valentine's day was indeed today. But luckily I made that little detour and was able to jump into the crowds at the card and dollar sections and pick up a few v-day goodies. No big valentine's day plans for us around here, I get so crazed at Christmas, I am usually holiday'ed out until about the fourth of July. Do you have any special v-day plans?  

In case you need something to get you in the spirit of love here is this. A few of these definitely gave my heart a serious squeeze and my eyes a little drink of water. And for all the single ladies (and gents) there is this

Here is a cute little construction paper valentines heart pouch that you can make to store all your valentines in (i think m+l and i might make one today just to hang on the wall.)

And if you are even more behind on valentine's day than I was, this is so simple and kind of clever. Best of all you just need a banana and sharpie.

One of my favorite love stories is that of poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. You can read more about their love story here and read some of their beautiful written letters. 

Have a wonderful day and weekend. I heart you all so very much. xo


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, my dearest! We tend to low-key it here too. I'm too tired to cook, but I don't want to go out (the crowds!), so easy supper and maybe I'll pick up a little dessert. Those are the best, though, right? Easy and simple. I'm thinking about you as you head on this school path. GOOD LUCK. XO

  2. That picture is so funny! Happy Valentine's Day twinsy! Hopefully the holiday will send some good mojo to all this school-application stuff. We are low-key here, too, but our annual Vday tradition is to break out the fondue pot and stuff our faces with melted cheese :) Not too shabby! xo

  3. such a hilarious picture! the school-application sounds quite intense, sending good vibes your way. a very happy valentine's day to you and your family.

  4. I like that. holidayed out. me too :)

  5. Happy Valentines day and have a fab weekend!

  6. you know i was just talking to another mom today because of the whole preschool lottery thing.. and she said to me I dont know why they even do a lottery because there are always open spots. I wish the whole school thing was easier. Happy Valentine's Day! we ordering pizza and a little toddler is getting a surprise B-A-L-L-O-O-N from her daddy.

  7. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's weekend with lots of pink and red (best of luck with the school thing as well)

  8. I am seriously questioning why I don't have that Valentine's day outfit.


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