Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday is here! Any weekend plans on the horizon? I think my weekend will probably be spent trying to catch-up on chores and work from this week of attempting to catch-up on rest. And hopefully by Monday I will be all caught-up (for the most part) and feeling rejuvenated.  Until we meet again here are some Friday takeouts. Have a great weekend!

I really love this new collection from Colonel (pictured). You can see more here.

According to this list I'd say I am highly-sensitive. But I already knew that, though at least I can have something to blame #5 on (my least favorite trait about myself . . . I think.).

Awhile back my neighbor asked Fisher if he wanted to be in a music video, but being an introvert, he declined (being one myself I whole-heartedly understood). But when my neighbor sent me a link to the video I was like "gaaaah, why didn't you do that?!" This is the video, and that super sweet looking curly-haired boy is my super sweet neighbor. 

One of the things I'd also like to do over the weekend is get started on a little spring cleaning. I recently came across some closet organizing ideas - though, truth be told for most of these, I am never just going to be that organized to bother with them, and I am certainly never going to wrap my clothing hangers with embroidery thread. But number 8? Pure genius, seriously how is this the first time I am seeing this? Better yet why have I never once though of this? 

The Oscars are this weekend which are definitely part of my weekend plans. Hopefully there are more lovely speeches like this acceptance speech by Cate Blanchett at the BAFTA awards in which she dedicates her win to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 

I just wanted to say thanks again to Allie over at over at AllieNYC for the lovely interview and feature on her blog last week. If you missed it you can see it here


  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me. How are you feeling by the way? All recovered? I've got gobs and gobs of books to read and the weather is supposed to be nice. So maybe some reading outside and Ryon can join in

  2. That sheet storage thing is GENIUS and so simple! I know what I'll be doing when I get home today, haha. I recently undertook a big closet organization and after purging almost 5 full trash bags to go to Goodwill, my biggest two tips are this: wooden hangers from IKEA (they hang better, making it easier to see your clothes, are less poke-y to the fabric, and create a MUCH clear look visually), and keeping your shoeboxes. All of my shoes are kept in the boxes they came in, and stacked up, which makes it easy to find the pair I'm looking for (I only have about 6 boxes, haha). Plus that way you're not tossing shoes into the bottom of the closet all humbly-jumbly. I made that word up.
    I'm off to watch that music video Fisher was almost in! Have a good weekend, lovey. xo

  3. I'm like Erin, I love the wooden hangers from Ikea. We've been purging, purging, purging, and it feels great. I will admit that I do the humbly-jumbly thing with shoes though, so SHAME.

    I'm totally and completely impressed with Fisher for knowing himself well enough to know that the vid. wouldn't be his scene. I'm not sure Cal is that self aware yet. But then again, while I feel that Cal is an introvert, he'd totally be into doing the video. He'd just need to come home and lie down all weekend afterwards. Happy weekend, dearest.

  4. I am just now getting back into the swing of a routine and catching up on my favorite blogs and I've missed reading yours! Also, that video is so great! But I, like you and Fisher, would be very hesitant to be filmed for a music video bc I tend to be more introverted. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hope you managed to catch up on some rest over the weekend? I had a life-changing nap yesterday afternoon (just thought I would share that with blogland)! Meanwhile, I am reeling from the fact that according to that link, I am a highly sensitive person. Ha! Learn something new about yourself every day!

  6. I'm definitely on the highly sensitive side of things. thanks for linking this article.


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