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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Valentine's day is almost here and it's probably the holiday that I am the worst at. Maybe it's because I seem to generally lose track of the days come February, but I always forget about it until the last minute and I ending up buying not-so-delicious boxed candy from the grocery store at the 11th hour. So I suppose for me Valentine's day generally reminds me of bad candy in little heart-shaped boxes adorned with a picture of snoopy and woodstock. But if I were to someday be prepared for Valentine's gift giving I think I'd get a couple of these heart-happy items (at least to go with the bad candy, which has become a sort by-default tradition around here). I love the little boys heartbreaker tee and that set of poetry books needs to be purchased as soon as possible. And I think I could happily add the Laduree candle and the Love print to my own wishlist. And, well, as long as I am wishing I may as well add the heart of gold locket - I love, love, love that locket (one of my favorite songs of all time, but really don't let me get started on how much i love neil young).


  1. Have I told you my Valentine's Day stories? I have two. One is that when I was pregnant with Cal, Valentine's Day came when I was mid way through my first trimester. Neel and I were in line at the grocery store on maybe Feb. 13 and we both only realized what day it was because someone in line with us had some grocery store roses and cheap chocolates. I was wiped out and constantly queasy. I said to him: If you've done anything for me for Valentine's Day, I'm going to deck you. We got some funny looks. ;)

    The second is that Neel's mom's birthday is near Valentine's Day, and she died many years ago, so he has this sort of hiccup about the day. He calls it Thanksgiving. Which I think it perfectly appropriate.

    And Heart of Gold is one of my favorite songs too! ;)

  2. Awww, these are all lovely. By the way Whole Foods is selling Valentine's Cards with temporary tattoos in them and I totally thought about buying them and sending them to the adults I know. Because I'm a grown up and I'll do what I want :P

  3. These are great. I always love candles around this time of year!


  4. LADURÉE CANDLE!! eeeeee! I have two mini candles from Ladurée, a Brioche and a Wild Strawberry, and both are so amazing that I have to blow them out after an hour because I get intoxicated by the smell into thinking I could eat them. That's how delicious they smell.
    I do love Valentine's Day, for the candy and for all the making out I did on the holiday between ages 14 and, ahem, 19. Now I'm a selective smoocher, haha, but I still love the day just the same. Will you be my Valentine, twinsy? xo

  5. Thank you for the colorful inspiration, Christine! Of course, the LOVE poster is the design dream of every fashionable blogger! But I just had to see what that BabyLit book was about and I must say that the illustrations are wonderful (even if I'm not sure that Romeo and Juliet can be an educational story that the little ones could learn from).

  6. These are great. I am kinda in love with that bowl on the top left, I have a thing for pretty catch-alls, (they make me feel like I am organized when I'm not). And the LOVE print I have had my eye on for awhile. Valentine's day is really creeping up this year, we are just getting over the flu and I feel like there is so much I am behind on at the moment.

    My #1 best Valentines memory is, first, I have to preface it by saying my mom was so good at making sure I got a frilly, lacy box of not great candy every year, and I love her so much for that. But my most cherished memory of all time is the year my big steel working dad brought home for me a little heart that he cut from steel and stamped my name on it and painted it red. The best.

  7. Awww Valentines Day is in the air. I love the tshirt the best but I am a tshirt kinda gal.. and it makes me think of that Heart Breaker song.. or risk taker!

  8. Bad candy in heart shaped boxes is probably the most accurate description of Valentines Day I've ever heard. Haha. Mila was born on Feb 15th. I was really glad she wasn't born on V-Day for that reason. Haha.

  9. Okay, this is my favorite round up that I've seen so far and it makes me feel so much better that you don't actually have everything in this list, lol! I am the worst about getting it together for holidays, although I love the idea in concept. I love those little boxes of bad candy, they are a happy childhood memory. And that locket--so great! I just added the song to my playlist :)
    xo Mary Jo


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