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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I found this house tour over at Brick & Mortar when I was looking at patio inspirations, but when I saw the inside I found I really loved the interior. While it's no secret I love modern/scandinavian designs, as many of you who have read here for awhile know, my grandparents had a big old house which ingrained in me a deep fondness for them. I love homes/apartments that keep the originality and integrity of the period but also enough updating so it also has a modern feel, and I think this is such a lovely example of doing both well. And I really wish my little kitchen were half as charming as this one. I love all the old built-ins, the vintage hardware and glass cabinet doors (and did you see that light fixture?!). And, yes, that patio is pretty sweet as well. You can read much more about their home and see more photos here


  1. And all the mismatched dining room chairs. I think I'm in love. I love how simple and clean everything is

  2. I'm with Rooth: I spy mixed dining chairs- something on my long list of to do/try at home. The entire place is so charming.

  3. oh wow! i really love the patio!!!!!!
    the kitchen is on the second place.

  4. That kitchen. Why am I always drawn to kitchens? Every time. Love it's simplicity + the wood + the white. It's a perfect little antique/Mid Century touch without being too over the top.

  5. I really, really love the high wainscoting in the dining room, and the ledge it creates high up on the wall. I also love the bedding, the striped sheets with that blanket. And that bathroom, with the separate sink taps, reminds me of my dad's apartment :) His bathroom had that, too. xo

    1. ah! now that you mention it my grandparents house had that exact wainscoting in their dining room (though they had some very terrible wallpaper in each of the panels! - which is also properly why i love seeing old house "naked"). no wonder i ended up mentioning their house here, though i didn't even notice that until you said something. i like the bathroom sick too. xo

  6. Oh!!! I love everything about this home! It has such charm throughout the entire space. So, so charming. : )

  7. i came across this on pinterest at some point! what a beauty! i love that kitchen, long and airy. also, those gold feet on that midcentury coffee table is a pretty sight to see.

  8. This apartment reminds me of my very first college apartment. It was the first floor of an old house right across from school, and living there, with the beat up old furniture that came with it, was my first real sense of creating a place I loved. Hmm. I'm smiling now and feeling nostalgic.


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