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Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Monday, but I am still dreaming about Friday. Friday the weather was so nice. I can't say it was exactly spring weather, but it had the hint of spring - high 50's, not raining, no crazy winds. I suppose you could say it was nice and mild with a bit of sun and it felt lovely after the month+ of crazy weather we have had around here. So Friday we set out for walks and caught a glimpse of Mt. Hood from the south corner of my street, bought spring flowers, stood in the sun and decided since the weather seemed to be getting better to make a "spa" appointment for Miss Marla. However, when we left the house Saturday morning all had changed, by Saturday night there were icicles hanging from the trees and sign posts. So the rest of the weekend was spent inside getting work done, tending to our neighbors cat and staying warm. 

We did end up taking Marla for her grooming appointment, and unfortunately they had to shave my little furball. When we adopted her she had probably been shaved a few months prior and the hair that she had was not at all like the hair that was soon to come, which reminds me of a combination of wool and cotton and dust-bunnies. She kept getting matted and I kept brushing her (as opposed to combing which I found is what I should be doing) and giving her baths, thinking I was doing the right thing of course. Turns out I was indeed just making it worse and the only thing left to do was to shave her naked. Before I left the salon the groomer told me: "I just want you to understand she's not going to look like the same dog." I was like "yeah, okay." But when I walked in I almost walked right past what I thought was a hairless cat (we've since taken to calling her mrs. bigglesworth). Poor Marla, she's been a bit of a wreck since, constantly shaking her hairless body and spinning in circles. 

Sunday we ended the weekend with the Oscars of course, and I have to admit when Bette Midler sang wind beneath my wings right after showing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's photo I got a little choked up (i know the entire beaches soundtrack by heart by the way. bette and i - we go way back.). There were also several great acceptance speeches but Lupita Nyong'o's and Jared Leto's were my favorites. And for best dressed I am going to, again, have to give it to Miss Nyong'o, she is just spectacularly stunning. 


  1. I wish spring was here, but we've had only rain and chilly weather for the last three days. Still, I'm sensing a spring vibe and that alone makes me joyful. I watched the Oscars, of course, and I was happy that I got so many winners right, especially the actors - everyone who should have won did win this time. My favourite speeches were Lupita's, Jared Leto's and Matthew McConaughey's. As for best dressed, I don't have a favourite, but I think I liked Lupita the most. She IS a stunner.

  2. i live in bali so practically everyday is summer here. i hope you get some sunshine soon!

  3. I seriously think Lupita CAN'T do wrong. Good lord, so stunning. I'm pretty much in agreement with everything you said. So that's good. ;)

    But Miss Marla. Poor Pet. Our first dog Phoebe was part sheltie and part border collie and she had some seriously thick fur. We had her shorn every summer, and like Marla she looked like a completely different dog. A different color even! She'll be much happier in the long run, even if she isn't quite used to herself. Give her kisses from us! XO

  4. those pictures of marla are so so so cute!
    lupita's and jared's speeches were both amazing <3

  5. when I first saw the title of this post I thought it said Instacrap. LOL.

    I am so ready for summer summer summer. I think ellen did a good job with the oscars but is it just me or where the movies not very exciting this year?

  6. aw poor little marla! although, i think she is super cute even naked with all her hair shaved! i'm like you, wishing it was friday all over again. every time the weekend comes and goes so quickly i have a moment of, is this how fast the rest of our lives go? it's incredible!

  7. Pooor pooor Mrs. Bigglesworth. Can you tell her that I think she still looks super duper cute though?

  8. oh, poor, poor little dog. I had to laugh a little when I saw the photo, though :)

  9. Teehee, naked puppy. When my mom's dogs were groomed too short (fault of the groomer), Sookie kept flipping out that her butt was so exposed. She would tuck her butt under her whenever she stood up, so she looked like she was deformed. She hated it! It grew out eventually and she felt much better. Marla will, too!
    And while I commend Jared Leto for bringing gay rights into his speech, I found it very tone-deaf of him to share his mom's sob story, while Barkhad Abdi sat in the front row. A Somali immigrant has had a much harder go of it than a white woman in America with two rich sons, sorry (not that it should be the Suffering Olympics, and who has it worse, but I just eye-rolled most of his speech). xo


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