Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Friday! Today we are suppose to have another nice day (bookended by lots of rain of course) and I plan to take advantage of it and do a little yard/patio work. By the end of summer my outside area feels completely beaten down by the wind and rain and I am hoping to begin the process of livening it up before it's time to start planting some spring flowers and bbq'ing. I am so ready for the change of seasons. 

This little video above, The Scared is Scared, by Bianca Giaever, just grabbed and pulled at my heart strings. It's non-sensical while somehow feeling like in the end it all made perfect sense. And above all I found it to be just beautiful. 

These photos of abandon buildings. I have looked at these so many times since finding them last week. If I were a bajillionaire I think I would start planning a trip around the world to visit all of these places in person.

This artwork by Paul Rouphail via The Jealous Curator.

And for all the animal lovers, there is this, Why We Rescue. Photographer, Theron Humphrey, asks people in all 50 states how they got their rescue animal, he shares it through audio stories and photos. So sweet.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!


  1. Popping in to say, gotta run, I miss you, back soon! I so want to check out these links! Happy weekend, dear! XO

  2. Have a wonderful weekend and take advantage of the great weather. My sister has been snapchatting me photos of PDX's grey weather lately (which looks miserable) but I hope you guys get some sun this weekend. Oh and Powell's Books of course

  3. thank you for sharing the 'why we rescue' site.
    i know how i am going to spend my afternoon :) have a great weekend dear!

  4. the animal rescue stories are sooo sweet! we rescued my beagle way back when and i felt like he was the cutest pup - who could ever treat him badly :( from those abandoned buildings - that floating forest is remarkable! and i looove abandoned theme parks. there is just something so splendid about not having to wait in lines...

  5. oh, amazing, I love the abandoned places pics. should you ever go onto that trip, let me know. I come too :)

  6. So beautiful! I can't wait for spring to arrive either - the Swedish winter is sooooo long! :( But it's in the air now....I can feel it! /Niki

  7. You're right about that video. It's simple. Random. and yet got me truly thinking. Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend. I can't believe it is now Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday. Which means I'm sad. Haha.


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