Friday, March 14, 2014

Can you believe it's Friday again already? I feel like this week went fast, but it could have something to do with the wonderful spring weather we have had, and if that's the reason, I won't complain. The last couple weeks I haven't only been digging in my garden and looking at fabric swatches, I have also been trying to get a bit more organized. In the behind-the-scenes sort of way. Designing and blogging are the fun parts. Creating and completing orders out are the have-to-right-now parts. Everything else I tend to put on my to-do lists over and over again - after I scratch off all those other things and deem I deserve a break. 

But my business is taking on a bit of a new direction/s, and they are ones that I have been nudging it in for awhile. But as has been my experience in having my own business and learning on the fly, things seem to "suddenly" happen. No matter how much I think on it, plan for it, or try to learn before hand (and i do all of those things extensively to decide what i think will work for me or not - even though i still don't/won't know until i try), well, it just doesn't match the experience of learning while doing. But that's probably true for me in everything. I am much more of a hands-on learner. So now that I am in the stage of "doing" and/or for-real planning, I am realizing little things like having 7000 email messages in my inbox, many of which are three years old(!), is kind of not that organized, and leaves me feeling as cluttered as my inbox. So yesterday I spent a good 5 hours (waaa!) deleting, sorting, moving and flagging emails. And if I could have a new years resolution do-over it would be to do this one simple task of organizing and deleting emails immediately. Every. Day. After my 5 hours, though feeling tired and dry-eyed, I was also feeling inspired to keep organizing - later. Here are some workspace takeouts I found if you are in the office/workspace spring cleaning mood. Next on my list is to do the same thing but with my photos. eek.

+ First I love love love this studio workspace by Smitten Studio. It could be the white walls, the oh-so-tall vaulted ceilings, the wonderful plants, the super cute puppy. But I think what really sealed the   lovin' feelings for me were the fabric swatches on the wall. Yes, I can imagine myself right there. 

+ Before and After office transformation. 

+ 31 Days of Spring Cleaning: Spring Clean Your Tech. This has, as you may have guessed, 31 ideas on cleaning up your gear, from setting up a cloud service to cleaning your camera lenses. I am definitely going to go through this list and make one of my own.

+ 25 Clever Ways to Keep Your Workspace Organized. Helpful ideas on desk Organization. I need to do this too. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Glad you're having some cheery weather, it's about time! I am actually one of those people who cannot stand a number showing up by my email inbox so it's cleaned out every single day. Not sure why, it drives me bonkers to have unread messages. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of dog walks and naps

  2. Oh, email sorting. Sometime last year I got really diligent with it and have now managed to stay on top of it and organize everything with labels (thanks, gmail!). I probably don't get nearly as much email as you do, what with your shop/business, but still, I totally get the overwhelmed feeling of having so many emails just there, sitting in the ether, looming over you. Don't even get me started on my photos!! That's a beast I am terrified to tackle! Good luck, twisny! xo

  3. congratulations on organizing your email inbox, that is a HUGE accomplishment! i am OCD with my work email and have to always have less than 10 in there {everything else is foldered}...but my personal email? not as much. i should definitely get on top of that! hope your beautiful spring weather continues :)

  4. Good for you! I hate it when I have things like 1000's of emails hanging over my head. I try really hard to go through my inbox now at least once a week, it is so worth it to avoid what you had to do. I've been doing the same kind of thing this week only with house cleaning, I am trying to get myself on one of those schedules where each day of the week, I have a couple scheduled chores, rather than letting my house get messy all week long, then killing myself with a huge load of housework all in one day. So far, so good. Enjoy your weekend! xo

  5. yay weekend! its good to get organized and especially something that has been cluttering up for so long.

  6. are those read pr unread emails? cuz I never delete anything and am getting up there too :) happy weekend xoxo

    1. it's a mix. i do not erase personal emails or business emails where there was some sort of an exchange (both for sentiment and reference). most of the unread ones were just emails i thought i'd look at later from shopping sites and such. the rest were etsy transactions and blog comments - things that are already saved in their respectful places and i just didn't need in my inbox too. but now i know why i avoided it for so long, it indeed did take as long as i thought it would to clean it up! xo

  7. on the other end, i felt like this week went so slow! i was productive, but my job somehow felt like a 9-5 job this week instead of my events passion. it could be the fact that we were kind of slow that it inched by, day by day, without events. then there's an insanely busy week next week!
    and omg organizing 7000 emails is a huge feat! that is dedication! you deserve some real r+r this weekend. happy friday!

  8. I cannot wait to read the links--I'm about ready to take the plunge and move everything out of my office, paint it and...re do everything. But it's that moment of inertia right now where I am dreading it all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Oh Christine, we are on the same wave length. I spent quite some time trying to undertake the photo organizing (you can imagine snapping away at baby for the past 8 months has left things in quite a state) and I've also made myself a room by room list. I'm not sure how I am going to do it...buy I am motivated!

  10. Woohooo! Go Christine. My current stressful day job sees me organising the lives of very busy men and not having a whole lot of time to organise my own inbox. A particularly stressful day last week where someone moaned about 10 messages in their inbox had me loose my cool a little bit! I'm actually starting to feel motivated to go and organise mine now...

  11. Oh! I love all these links and this studio space. I dream of a space like this to share and where other creatives can come and learn. Some day. If I can ever get past the daydreamy phase. I have so many organizational things to tackle. Not my suit at all. Sad.


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