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Thursday, April 3, 2014

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my house, my beautiful wool moroccan area rug. My living room needed a new rug for a very long time, but with twin toddlers I held off. By the time I was really ready I just couldn't find one that I loved within my budget so I reluctantly kept putting it off. But then I visited rugsusa and it immediately became which one do I choose?! I went back and forth a lot and finally chose the one you see here. It's so plush and so soft and it does exactly what I was hoping it would - grounds and ties my living room together. I have read many times that interior designers choose the rug first and build around that. So with that in mind, I went for something that would not only go with what I currently have, but that I could also get design inspiration from for my never-ending living room make-over. I am so happy with my choice. Not only is it purty but I swear it's softer than beds I have slept on. I am already plotting out my next rug from them. I think I am officially addicted to rugs now. I just love the impact they can make in a room and see how true it is, that it's such a worthy investment. Here are just a few more of my favorites from their enormous collection. And by a few I mean 16.

So as you can see it wasn't easy for me to make a choice and I am currently trying to narrow it down again for my second rug (i think i am going to move this one up to my room because it's so big (8'x10') and plush and get a slightly smaller one for my living room. so going with something the same or different is my the big question). I like so many styles and they have them all and then so many choices among all the styles I love. If you are in the market for a new rug definitely check out their sales. They have amazing sales going on all the time. 

This post is a collaboration between RugsUSA and TPN. All opinions are expressively of TPN. Pillow Cover: Through The Trees by Plumed | Moroccan Pouf by Bazar Berber


  1. The rug you chose is beautiful, Christine! I also like the 3rd one, so different from what I would usually go for, but different is good. :)

  2. Haha, I've been obsessing over #11 from Safavieh for MONTHS, debating whether or not to buy it! We have bad luck with rugs around here, and currently we're rug-less until we figure out what to do. I love the one you chose! Looks perfect. xo

  3. so many different choices and styles! i personally love the weathered and worn look of 11 and 12. unfortunately, our apartment has carpet - blah! one day, when we have hard wood floors, i dream over overlapping colorful and warmly worn carpets through out the living room. dreamy!

  4. Love the rug! It looks very plush! As for your fave 16, I am especially liking the Navajo-type prints. : )

  5. I love the rug you bought. Is that your place? How adorable. And you know I've been on my rug hunt foreeeevvveeerrr it seems. Maybe I'll finally get around to pulling the trigger through your motivation

  6. looks fantastic. I'd be apprehensive about the colour though. I don't do white. I'd ruin it in a heartbeat...

  7. Christine, I love your new rug! I was looking at those faded ones too, let me know if you get one of those, the only thing holding me back was wondering how they were edged off. Love that little glimpse of your house!

    xo Mary Jo


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