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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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I mentioned yesterday that we are getting summer weather this week, right? Almost 90 on Thursday (!), which means I need to go dust off some of my summer clothes. But of course my first instinct was buy new clothes which led me to a little online browsing. I've confessed at least a hundred times that I am addicted to black leggings - which I know makes fashionista's everywhere cringe. But seriously, I live in Portland, it rains here almost everyday for 9 months out of the year, so we get a free-pass in my book (and i've never proclaimed to be a fashionista, especially if it means forgoing leggings). But come the warmer months I trade in my leggings-uniform for my maxi dress-uniform. Same idea of comfort and ease of wear. Having three kids and my office being my dining room, I just don't need to dress up. And I am just not the kind of gal to wear short dresses or skirts very often where I can't sit cross legged in the grass with my little ones, or sit on the floor and cut fabric. I also like to the added bonus of hiding the transparency of my 9-months of rain legs - not that I'd ever get tan even if we had 9 months of sun. But it doesn't mean I don't like to look nice, or at least feel "dressed" on a daily basis. And, I will give in to fashionista's that leggings are not very accommodating to dressing up too much, but maxi dresses are. You can switch out flat sandals for heals, your jean jacket for a pretty a scarf, add some nice jewelry, and voila, you are dressed up. Which is good for me because it seems the warmer months are the ones I need to dress up in more often. So I love them and I am so excited it is getting to be that time of year again to wear them. 

I started collecting the "high" look and then I noticed the prices of everything on this list I decided I should probably make a more affordable/realistic list. And you know, I can kind of like the "low" look better. Though I think I'd have to splurge on the Byredo fragrance. 


  1. I love maxi dresses, but I really worry that I'm too short for them. I love all your low looks (the high ones too...). I got all my summer clothes out this weekend and started putting winter away. And this week is nothing but cold and rain. :(

  2. It is officially hot here now. And I've definitely been eyeing the maxis for the summertime. Must. Stop. Buying. Black. Dresses. Seriously though, I'm on the hunt for some cute summer clothing. Have any favourite online stores?

  3. The weather's about to get awesome!! I love your finds, I am definitely on the "low" end, budget-wise, lol! I've been doing some pinning to my style board in preparation to for a little shopping. Love those earrings on the high side, but love the bag on the low. : )

  4. So it it 90 degrees here now! WTF? That black dress is the low is beyond adorable. Actually love that whole roundup Christine!

  5. YAY SUNSHINE!!! ok i know thats enough excitement. lol. i really like both looks and is amazing how you can create almost the same look and vibe for less.

    ps on a side note.. did you see madewell portland opens tomorrow.! yay!

  6. THAT perfume; Gypsy water, sounds just so alluring I wonder what it smells like. Must be heavenly! Here in the tropics it is so humid at the moment just sitting still makes you sweat. The make up and "fancy" clothes have taken a back seat to bikini's, sarongs and a lipgloss. I grew up in Bergen/Norway where it rains most days every year so I can totally see the need for black leggings. Enjoy the hotness! X

  7. In my book, the word fashionista is banned (Richard Torregrossa, in the interview for my blog, said that the word should be outlawed, and I completely agree), so it's ok that you like to wear leggings. :) It's after all, a matter of taste, and something that just doesn't fit my style can look great on someone else. I really like the rope sandals in the first collage, and the straw hat in the second, and the cuff resembles incredibly well one I have from Halhuber, a German brand that I wish would open a store in my city. :)

  8. I love love love the sandals on the 'high' list - not that I could afford them :(


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