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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I suppose I will say happy wednesday to start this week since I missed both monday and tuesday. Which is really for no other reason than the rain has been back and it's zapped my energy. I am so ready for the sun to make another appearance. 

I have not been able to get this kitchen out of my mind since I saw it one evening on pinterest. I followed it back to its source and ended up spending a whole evening looking through the archives at Lauren Leiess' blog. She is an interior designer and textile designer, so you might see how I happily got lost over there. This photo is of their recent kitchen remodel (they've remodeled their whole house. It's stunning!) and the first thing that attracted me to this photo was the beautiful artwork above the sink. I love vintage oil paintings and I think they look so strikingly beautiful in this space. However, it also crossed my mind that having them above the sink might be in the danger zone. But as I read the post on designing her kitchen what she said about the paintings stuck with me as much as this gorgeous image of them. And that was something along the lines of - that yes, water splashes up sometimes but she loves them there and you should have things where you love and enjoy them. It's a little thing but something I am going to try to keep in mind when decorating.


  1. oh my gosh, this is seriously a dream kitchen! totally agree with you about the statement oil paintings and that island is just beautiful. love the mix of vintage, rustic, and mid-century design!

  2. I am a girl of simple needs, and seriously all I need right now is a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom, please and thank you, forever and ever amen. I'm a fan of the art in the kitchen because it's so unique and unexpected, but I'd be too worried about messing them up! Not with cooking, because lets be honest, Erin doesn't cook. xo

  3. i love love love love this kitchen! especially the wooden island and even more especially the paintings above the sink no matter how impractical!? makes me want to do the same! must. find. art!

  4. I wish I had a kitchen big enough to have a kitchen island in it. This one here is beautiful! And I agree 100% to what she says about having things where you love and enjoy them, it's a sound approach.

  5. I saw this kitchen too the other night on Pinterest and I love EVERYTHING(!!) about it. It's modern, organic, vintage all at the same time. The paintings are definitely what draws you in right away. I love the modern cabinetry and then the contrast with the rustic wood island. And those chairs! And the open shelving, and the facucet, and, and, and.... ; ) It's all great.

  6. Uhh yes this is absolutely and fantastically perfect. She's right, if you love something, it may get a little worn. But that's only appropriate


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