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Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh, spring! It finally arrived this weekend for more than one little taunting day. The whole end of last week was lovely, and it just got even lovelier through the weekend. The cherry blossoms don't last nearly as long as I wish they did, but luckily we have a few different varieties around my house that seem to be on a perfect rotation, making the view of blossoms outside our windows last a little bit longer. These are actually outside my neighbors windows, but I had to snap a couple pictures of them against the amazing blue skies with my iphone. And speaking of iphones . . .

This coming Friday, my good friend Lauren, of Still + Life, and I are starting an instagram photo-a-day challenge. I took photography in college. Two years with my trusty Pentax and Canon analog cameras, darkrooms filled with toxic chemicals - both at school and at home. While I don't miss the trips to the photo supply store or staying up late into the night worrying about what the toxins might be doing to me and my child, I do miss the challenges that photography class provided for me. Lauren, is a brilliant photographer, member of a photography group, and frequenter of photo-a-day challenges. Recently when I was feeling like I wanted to challenge myself a bit more with my photography skills I, of course, went to her. We decided that it might be fun to start our own little photo challenge - and sort of as an effort to "hang out" despite residing on opposite coast lines. And so that's what we are doing. We would love for you to join in too.  

The challenge is really meant to be whatever it is that you want to make it for you to challenge yourself. The 14 days of prompts are a mix of both more focused photography challenges (like negative space), to challenge your more technical photography skills, as well as, more emotive prompts (like memory), to induce some creativity. We will start the challenge on Friday, April 18th. You can join in for the full 14-days or just when the prompt strikes your fancy. Though we are really excited to see what everyone comes up with, so we hope you will join in as often as possible! You will be able to see everyone's photos by using the hashtag #perception_collection, and at the end of the 2 weeks we will feature some of our favorite images and post them on our blogs. 

You can follow Lauren on instagram here, and you can follow me on instagram here


  1. Squeee! I'm so excited that we're doing this together dearheart! Even if we're the only ones posting photos! ;) I'd been casting about for a collaboration we could do together and this is perfect! What a fun two weeks we'll have and I hope everyone comes along! XOOX

  2. Oh how exciting! I can't be counted on to join for the full two weeks, I can barely crank out five instagrams a month right now, but I have a feeling I'll be popping in for a few of these challenge prompts! Such a fun collaboration, you two. xo

  3. I think that's a great idea! And it may be just the impulse I needed to start an Instagram account (I decided against it a while ago, when I thought that one more social network added to my FB, Pinterest and Twitter would be too much - but never say never...).

  4. I went to Old Westbury Gardens this weekend, it was bring your dog day and I went with my friend and her two dogs. We had a great time. Oh boy I am so bad with Instagram I always say I am going to take more pictures but I never do. My ad looks great, thanks!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Oooh am so excited for this challenge. Hmmm I might want to play along. Will love seeing what everyone else comes up with as well. I've noticed that having instagram has actually improved my photo-taking abilities...just playing with angles and being able to have a camera wherever I go (the iPhone is so handy). ;)

    1. I agree that the iPhone can help improve photo-taking skills, Alexa! One thing we tell our students in our Ditch Your Gear Class is that without having to worry about settings (since the phone takes care of all of that), you're freed up to think simply about composition. And that (to me at least!) is the fun stuff! SO glad you're going to join us!

  6. Yay what a fun collab - two of my favourite photographers around doing something fun and challenging. I don't think it gets any better than this in the blogging world?

  7. Gorgeous. I would totally get this as a print!

    7% Solution

  8. this is too exciting. too bad I don't have any way to participate :(


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