Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I found this little info-graphic the other day and thought it was pretty fun to read - I think Victor Hugo's was my favorite, public ice baths on a roof, who knew? (I know you probably can't read all the details of the fascinating creative routines here, but if you click this link, it will take you to one that is much larger.) Well, I am pretty routine oriented myself. So much so that I sometimes wonder if I need to try harder not to be so bound by my routines. But if I can plop myself in the company of the likes of Mozart and Kant and Milton, I feel better about it all. Not that I do place myself in such company, but then again, I did just that because I made my own little routine graph. As you can see I can easily blame all grammatical errors, here on my blog and in the comments sections of your blogs, with the fact that I usually comment first thing in the morning before my coffee has kicked in, and I write my blog posts around 11pm every night, well beyond the hours of my grammatical peak. And really all of those chunks of time should be hair-size slivers because it is rare that I actually have a chunk of time that is truly dedicated to just one thing. But this is kind the basic goal I wake up with everyday ('s going to be the day!). I also now realize after doing this that I should probably feed my children more often. How about you, do you have a fairly regular routine to your days?

From the book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work


  1. I just ordered this book! I love reading about other people's routines and I'm always searching/tweaking. What finally sold me was how one reviewer (an artist) said that she had a grading system for each routine (1-5) of things she did, would never do, might try. And she's incorporating the ideas she likes to add to her creative spark. I love your infographic. I need/want one. :)

  2. Oh these are fab! I'll have to give them a closer look and see who I match up with the most. Any of them sleep from 930-630? Looks like Maya Angelou and Ben Franklin might be the closest, especially because neither of them include exercise! Ha! Like you, though, I respond to blogs (and finalize my own posts) in the morning. I'm too tired at night to do anything besides read and pass out :) xo

  3. i loved these - steven showed me them a few days ago! victor hugo is my favorite as well :) for my routine, it's more like: 7:30am wake up, get ready for work, enjoy coffee with magazines/books/blogs. 9:30am carpool with steven to work. 10am-5pm work. 5pm read/write/pinterest at the bar while i wait for steven. 6pm grocery shop for dinner. 8pm make and eat dinner. 9pm watch tv/read/listen to radio. and sometime around 11pm i'll fall asleep! not that exciting... i need to go to start going to rooftop public baths.

  4. Oh my God. I feel so much better too. And I'm dying over yours. It's almost literally the same as mine. I would like to note somewhere in there that I'm in an exhausted mommy stuper for most of the ENTIRE day. Haha.

  5. This is really cool. My routine is just that - a little too routine because of work but I always find time to squeeze in blog writing / reading time. It's a must do or else I think I'd go batty

  6. lol- what is "candyland x10"? Ten rounds of the game? This made me smile. I am very much a routine oriented person, and my 9 month old is throwing me off big time! (Me to him "...what do you mean you are sleeping in? Don't you know Monday mornings are for play group at the library?!")


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