Thursday, April 10, 2014

This week seems to be moving pretty quickly, I can't believe it's Thursday already. I have really been wanting to get down to some real spring cleaning - an overhaul of sorts. I think the whole 'spring cleaning' movement wasn't an accident, but something ingrained in us biologically. But I have been pretty busy with my shop, and when I am busy with that, that usually means my house is covered in my work and cleaning isn't really a priority, or even an option. But that's probably why I feel like doing it. Back when I was in college my house, including my closets and drawers (things in my house that are never that clean or organized), were never more magazine worthy than during mid-terms and finals. I think tomorrow I am going to take the day off from blogging so maybe I can at least take the hour I usually dedicate to blogging and maybe try to tackle one area in my house to tide me over for when I have more time for that overhaul I am daydreaming about. 

+ Speaking of spring cleaning here are some pretty good freshening up around the house tips.

+ This lovely Melbourne house caught my attention mainly because of that hallway. I was never so into hallways before I happened upon pinterest, and now, I find myself pinning them constantly Loving or not loving an entire home based on hallways. I only included a few photos but you can see the entire house tour over at The Design Files

+ Getting comments on your blog isn't only awesome for the validation of the work you put into blogging, or (and this one is true for me especially - working from home and raising a gaggle of boys) a way to connect with others socially, but also because sometimes someone comments and you are so happy they did because you discover they have a pretty amazing blog themselves that you might not have found otherwise. Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time here. And I spent the rest of the day thinking about this post and this post. Such a beautiful writer.

+ This has amazingly beautiful wedding photos and an even more beautiful story to go with them.

+ And these photos. Oh my gosh

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend! See you here on Monday! xo


  1. You always find the best stuff. Thank you for that. I wish I were as good as you and Erin at squirreling out internet stuffs. I'll enjoy that blog quite a bit, thank you. And the bulldog! I was barely through reading your post before I had to email the link to my friend Kim (you've maybe seen her on IG as mawlovesbsd). She has a bulldog and two girls and she'll adore these. Of course, when we'd talked yesterday, Buster had just eaten two of her eldest's pointe shoes, so maybe not so much! Happy weekend lovey! XO

  2. Take all the time you need! Especially in the name of organizing :) Last night after dinner I got the overwhelming urge to vacuum, so I did. Sometimes you just have to! Enjoy your spring cleaning break. You might have spurred me into action, too, because suddenly this weekend is looking like the perfect time to attend to all those organizing and cleaning tasks I've been meaning to get to (washing the curtains!).
    That eulogy to Cooper the grumpy dog was the sweetest thing and so heartbreaking. I want to go home right now and cuddle Fitz. xo

  3. We are remodeling our living room and I keep my eyes open for rat work to hand on the walls, and I think the painting in the third photo is beautiful. We do have a beautiful oil painting by one of our artists and I can't wait to see it on the wall. Those photos of the girl and her dog are so cute! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, Christine!

  4. Sigh, love some of these images--that tufted chair, the art...wishing you a wonderful weekend Christine!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Oh, I just found that blog too and I just fell in love too.

    The connection is the best thing about blogging, for me it is anyway. So many amazing women around the world, what a beautiful thing it is to connect with them.


  6. Wow I love these images!

  7. Sis is lamenting that while she's here, PDX is getting some real spring weather. I hope you and the boys and the dog are able to get out and enjoy it (and not spend too much time indoors cleaning). Have a wonderful weekend Christine

  8. Beautiful! I had been hoping to get some spring cleaning done too and instead parked my behind on the sofa (and bed if I am honest here) and did sweet nothing!

  9. oh, wow, thanks for the links. the pics of the girl and her dog... amazing :)

  10. Yes, I could use all of the 'room freshening tips' I can get right now. Thank you for that and all of the other great links. Oh, and these images just made me add "convince The Mr to let me paint the counter stools" to the list.


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