Friday, April 18, 2014

The weekend is upon us again, as is Easter. Any holiday plans? Honestly, for me easter doesn't amount to too much. I am wont to break out in holiday spirit from about December 26th to October 30th, nor am I ever very excited at the thought of overloading my kids on candy - which I do because, well, it makes them jump and giggle with excitement (and crash and cry of course. but sometimes a little indulgence is okay.). I am imaging our easter festivities will last all of about 5 minutes, maybe a little longer depending on how well I hide the eggs. But those paper-mâché masks are making me really wish I had the desire to get crafty, if for no other reason that to take a few cute photos and watch M+L stumble and bumble around in giant animal masks. I just might have to remember that for halloween. And if I didn't just swear off ice cream this very week, I would love to make the pistachio and rhubarb recipe. But trying to deny the fact that I am lactose intolerant doesn't make it not so unfortunately. I think I will be a good enough sport to dye some eggs though. Hope you all have a great weekend. xo

+ Ada, over at Classiq introduced me to the website Jean Stories this week when she posted about it on her blog. It's been a really fun site to peruse. 

+ The 13 year old huntress (the photos are amazing).

+ The person who spurred the writing of this blogpost and I see "ugly as f*ck" very differently. 

+ And last but not least don't forget to join in our Instagram Challenge this week!! You can see more info here, or over at Lauren's blog Still+Life. And you can follow me on instagram here and Lauren here

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  1. Those eggs! So stunning. And that ice cream too. I've been in one of those weird creative places where I simultaneously feel bursting to the seams with ideas and like I'm also totally lame. Those photos make me feel lame. ;) But I've been thinking about our prompts almost constantly. I can't wait!

  2. Most of Man Repeller's posts are too word-salad-y for me to wade through, and without having much of an interest in fashion, I only check her out occasionally. However, that post was really well written and incredibly strong. Who says things like "ugly as f" about another person?? WHO? WHY? Why is that even necessary?? Ugh, this world sometimes. Social media has removed all filters of human decency sometimes.
    So excited to see the results of the Instagram challenge!! Have a good one, lovey! xo

  3. I just read that MR post and I echo Erin's sentiments completely. Hope you guys have a good Easter, I am planning a few goodies over the weekend, which when you have a food blog I suppose is mandatory. Going to do the egg thing, one - because Jacob has been having a fascination with playing with eggs (he pretends he is a dinosaur with them) and two - Caleb loves to eat them, so this year it's worth it to go ahead and make them. Happy weekend!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I didn't do anything particularly Easter-y but now I really want some ice cream (yes, I'm the queen of random tangents). Nom.

  5. oh, thank you, haven't been on man repeller in ages :) and no, no big Easter celebrations here either xoxo


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