Crush | Lauren Marsolier |

Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is the biggest crush I have had in awhile. I would even go so far as to say it was love at first sight when I saw the work of Lauren Marsolier. I am usually one for as "lightly edited as possible" photography. But her work is so intentional, so precise, so artistic, that even though I knew there was something surreal about these photos I was admittedly surprised to find out that they are compilations of images taken at separate locations, at different time periods, and then digitally altered, layered and blended "until the real and the fabricated become a seamless composition." There are so many elements that I love, that intrigue me, and left me bestirred immediately. The color palettes augment both the sparseness and minimalism of her sceneries as well as bring warmth and give them life. They also have the quality of abandonment that I am so often drawn to in photography as well as, and now that I know her process it clearly makes sense, a feeling of design. I also love the sense of being suspended in time. But these are just my interpretation, you can read about her work and process here. And the fact that she includes the Gestalt shift in her explanation of her work, strikes right at my 'minor in philosophy' heart and give an entirely new layer to her work. So many layers! I am really looking forward to her book, Transition, coming out in July. 

The Ink Calendar

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I recently came across this conceptual design ink calendar by Oscar Diaz a couple weeks ago. It was shown at the sueños de un grifo (dream of a tap) exhibit in Madrid in 2009, but having not come across it until recently myself, and how amazing it is, I figured it was worth well worth sharing.  Not only is it graphically and typographically stunning, but how it works is even more of a marvel. The ink is slowly absorbed into the embossed paper, marking each day until it is filled at the end of the month. Giving the "perception of time passing and not only signaling it." The colors of the ink for each month are chosen based on our  perception of color during that month, for example dark blue in December. Love. 

Arch Cove | Part 2 |

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone stateside had a nice long weekend. Our was quite nice. I didn't get to the bigger projects this weekend as I had planned. Though I did work a bit on a couple, like getting some fresh dirt in my garden and I got started cleaning my work storage area - which if I don't leave it long enough for it to get disheveled again should make the organizing part much easier. Oh and I cleaned our little aqua farm fish tank (which I think counts quite enough as a "bigger project"). It was just so quiet. There seemed to be a hush in the air and I found myself simply relishing in that. It was rainy for the first time in awhile (well, for me, i missed most of the rain last weekend). The stores were empty, the streets were empty. There wasn't the kind of buzz in the air that usually sends me happily into a corner of solitude and projects. So I went with the flow of the uncommon serenity of my surroundings. I picked up a book from one of my several stacks around the house after finishing one I that left me feeling "meh," and ended up spending most of Saturday and Sunday reading it. Monday I forced myself to emerge from my second book of the weekend to enjoy some breakfast out with my boys and some sunshine in the park. We ended it all with a bbq. So I'd say this all turned out much better than my original plan of painting my kitchen cabinets.

I think, in fact, I may still be in 'beach mode.' As I mentioned in my last beach post, it had been so long since I really truly relaxed, read without feeling rushed or guilty. Felt nonchalant about the dishes in my sink. And walked away, as opposed to hiding, from my to-lists. I am having a hard time letting go of that state of being. But I am okay with that. Really, that was the whole message I took away from my mini-vacation last weekend. Relax and let go, it's okay.

As you can see I took so many photos at the beach. It really was like a photography retreat for myself, and everyone else was in a relaxed mood as well, so they were all happy to let me wander around the house grounds and beach front and cliff-sides with my camera, often following after me and helping me spot shots. I wonder if any of that had anything to do with not having the internet? I am thinking so. We all unplugged and I suppose I am in no rush to plug back in (figuratively in this sense.).

ps. we only held the starfish long enough to find him a spot back in the water (and take his photo of course). apparently the tide had not been out so far in this spot in years!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Friday! This week turned out to be a pretty quiet one for me, getting back into the routines after a string of busy weeks and enjoying some rest and relaxation. I think I may even have the time now to start tackling that to-do list that always seems to fall to the wayside to other, more pressing, to-do lists. Now I just need to decide which task to start with, as these to-do's are all bigger projects that I never seem to have the time for, afraid something will come up and I will be left to leave it midway through. But I'd love to scratch one off my list over the long weekend - like painting my kitchen cabinets, or organizing my inventory and work areas, or purging our clothing closets and dressers. None of which I am particularly excited to do, but all of which I know will feel so good once they are done! 

+ These modular room dividers / storage units by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho called the Room Collection

+ I love this mansion planter (at first I thought it said fourteen dollars, hahahaha)

+ This makes me feel much better about my inevitable daily grammatical errors. 

+ I definitely think we should bring back some of these archaic words. I think crapulence is one I will definitely be adding to my vocabulary. 

+ I made this rosemary and lemon chicken recipe from Alexa, over at Short and Sweet blog this week and it was so simple and so good. A perfect easy dinner. 

+ And this pretty Paris apartment from Apartment Therapy

Hope you all have a good long weekend! Any plans? 

House Tour | Berlin Flat |

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I found the site XOIO via blogmilk this week, and my they have some stunning photos of their work. I picked this flat mostly because of that crumpled bedding. What is it about perfectly crumpled beds that are so evocative? I also loved the white ballon having just taken a little photo-shoot recently with my boys and white and black balloons (you can see that post here). The composition of the photos here are also so lovely - not your typical house tour angles. I adore how they hint at the overtones of the house, rather than taking a straight on and direct approach. 

Make | Fibre Art Wall Hanging |

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's been so long since I have posted a DIY! I made this little wallhanging a couple months back. Actually I made a few of them, but this is the only one that "made the wall." I have this little space between two bedroom doors in my upstairs hallway that needed a little life. And as pinterest will tell you, fibre wall art is beautiful. I think I've that mentioned I grew up with the leftover decor of the 70's, mixed in with some sweet floral, rose pink, and tarnished brass accents of the 80's. So when I first started seeing fibre wall hangings my initial reaction was to drink tang, watch the smurfs, and sneeze. But I also found that with all the images I was seeing them in I was getting the fever. They were styled so prettily and, without avocado green shag carpets, they look really lovely. 

Hallways can be a bit drab, at least mine, which actually ends up being a catch-all for the things I mean to "put somewhere else" and I just stick random things "temporarily" in my hall. But we walk through there a lot, and I have been trying for awhile to get it tied in with the rest of my house and not have a feeling of ugh, every time I do. So I decided this might be a good spot to try out a wallhanging and, also, I decided to just try to make one on my own. It's been there ever since.

To make one is so easy and really only costs a few dollars - unless you want to get really fancy with your fibers, which I did not. In fact is so easy that you could definitely include small kids in this activity too.

All you need are: scissors, a metal hoop (aka macramé ring) like this, and yarn. And all you do is: cut long strands of the yarn, fold it in half, put the loop behind the metal hoop, and then pull the ends through the hoop. You can tie each strand for security too if you want. At the end you can hang it up on the wall and cut the ends of the strands however you like to even them out or create whatever shape you wish. 
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