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Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh the beach! It's been a little awhile. We spent the weekend at a beach I haven't been to in many years and now I keep wondering why I haven't visited this area for so long, it's much closer than the beach we usually go to and, as you can see, breathtakingly beautiful. We also rented a cabin this time rather than a hotel, so we were completely off the beaten path and we were just about the only people around. Off the grid for the most part. No wifi, just wide empty beach. It was so refreshing to wake up and look out to the ocean. We were on a small cliff so we were able to just walk right out the front door and sit in front of it for minutes or hours. The beach was filled with sand-dollars and tide-pools, so we spent a lot of quiet moments discovering the new world around us. And I promise you I have never seen the water along the Oregon coast so blue. It also turned out to be really beautiful despite the forecast and we left a rainy Portland to find a rain-free coast (that never happens!). So I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that this trip was a bit magical, as was it a needed get away. 

I can be so routine oriented, (I am so routine oriented) which as a type b person, keeps me in check. Keeps me towing the line. Organized and on top of things. Without it I may literally just end up wandering around in circles trying to remember what it was I was suppose to be doing. But I realized in this little getaway that routine, while it aims to and does help to make things more manageable, can be nothing short of exhausting. And as I sat on the cliffs edge, I realized inside, there was a little pit of exhaustion that I have been carrying around for a long time. Sitting in and around these soft and muted tones and the roll of the oceans waves, I had many moments of pausing for thought, about this fact. And thinking and reflecting and knowing my perspective was changing in those moments. It's a shift I have been feeling stir, but this was, I suppose, the experience I needed to make those feelings more evidenced. And the knowing that I need to relax my grip, at least every now and again. Life is short and we are tiny. The ocean is a good reminder of these things. And I am writing all this down here so I don't forget.

As you can see I spent a lot of time wondering around our little beach and cliffside taking photos. We did go into town for dinner a couple times but mostly we just stayed close to the water and our books and our sandcastles and board games and our fire and our marshmallows and hiking trails. Believe it or not I have more to share after I go through them a bit more. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Well. You know that the ocean, any ocean, is my happy place. I'm slowly bringing Neel around. ;) He'd like your beaches more than ours, I think. And I do long for cliffs and vistas from above. We have wide, wide beaches and hot, hot sand, and slowly rolling waves.

    What is it about traveling and staring at the sea that can make things go "click" inside of us? Neel gets restless (I think that's part of what he doesn't like), but I could sit and stare all day. And I'm sure I figure things out better there. Sounds like you do too. Love, you duckie.

  2. I love these pictures, they're definitely making me crave the beach!


  3. There is something so beautiful, so moving, about the line " And I am writing all this down here so I don't forget." I want to just soak that sentence in for a while.

    It looks like you had a beautiful weekend. So different from the beaches in Jersey I'm familiar with (...from a distance, haha). And I meant what I said on IG about a print of that shot! It is stunning. As are these. xoxo

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Love it ! Children seems to have a great time.

  5. Beautiful photos, Christine! It looks and sounds like a perfect getaway.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time. I miss the beach. Your photos are beautiful. : )

  7. this beach does look beautiful. you should def get there more often. I hope to get to a colder beach soon too xoxo

  8. Your pictures are AMAZING - gah! Woman I love it. And I'm so glad you got to rest your soul for a little while. Everyone needs to take that type of breather occasionally, no matter how hard we fight it


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