Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am so happy that spring is here and I am really excited to start filling up the area I prepared a couple months back with some plants. But I am thinking that perhaps one of the reasons I have such a difficult time with plants is because the plants I like don't like Oregon weather. I always find myself gravitating towards the structural and textural elements of cacti and succulents. The large and luscious green leaves of tropical plants. I will say the last plant I got, my little fern, is still alive. In fact dare I say it's even grown a bit? I don't think I have ever said that in my life, even before my thumbs turned brown. I have kept plants alive, but never have I helped a plant to thrive. But ferns love wet climates, humidity and shade - all of which we have a'plenty here in the northwest. And when next week I go from working from sun up to sun down to having a little extra time in my days I'd really like to keep working on my garden area. I have been looking at pinterest for inspiration, but all my pins look like this. What to do. What to do. 

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  1. totally agree with you, i absolutely love the look of structural plants. i'm a little embarrassed to say the only green we have in our house is when i buy fresh flowers. i need to just get over my plant anxiety and take the plunge :)

  2. I think these look great. why don't you go for succulents indoors and ferns outdoors? xoxo

  3. I have this beautiful patio that is just screaming for greenery but I can't motivate myself to buy a plant that will end up dying on me in a week anyway. But a blogger recently sent me a packet of cilantro seeds so maybe it's time for me to try out my green thumb, inevitable plant death be damned

  4. all of my plants are doing so well these days! this is exactly why spring is my favorite. the air outside smells like floral arrangements and my little balcony is full of greenery. i have had my eye on some hanging plants lately, especially a string of pearls hanging plant, have you seen those?

  5. Haha, tropical dreaming indeed! I am obsessed with house plants this year. I am gonna install some of those dandy ceiling hooks so I can keep them away from the cats. I am slowly learning my way with houseplants. You should try a prayer plant, they love shade.

  6. Sigh. I should hit up Pinterest for ideas on where to move my one and only plant stand now that baby is crawling at lightning speed...These are great though.


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