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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Tuesday! I think this is the most excited for a regular old Tuesday that I have been for awhile. As I mentioned yesterday sometimes when you have been busy that first normal day after busy times just feels like the best day ever. And that is how I am feeling. Happy to be back to normal. It doesn't hurt that the weather has taken a turn for the beautiful. Blue skies and 80 degrees. It is so nice to have light through my house for an entire day. We get a lot of half sun, half rain days here in the spring. Often it can go back and forth like that several times throughout the day which means a lot of clothes and mood changes for me. And the best part is that it should be nice through the rest of the week and then we are heading for a little beach getaway over the weekend. I am thinking this week is going to be a good one.

Speaking of light filled homes, this beautiful house in Rotterdam, Netherlands is flooded with the best natural light. I can't say that my house even comes close to this, so I am often overwhelmed with envy when I find a place like this. And that dining space. And that bedroom. And the brick walls and rustic wood elements throughout. This, to me, is neutrals and light in perfect form. 

Images via The Style Files Photographs: Jansje Klazinga Styling: Holly Marder


  1. Oh, the open space with the exposed brick walls is so beautiful!

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG. I love this house. LOVE it. Light and airy. My dream. Beach getaways are my dream too. Can't wait to hear (and see) about that!

  3. Beautiful home!!
    So natural and relaxing. I wish this is MY house..

  4. Oh my wow the last two pictures!

  5. Oh I would love to live here, I dream about future condo and in my head it looks sorta something like

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. That is like, the perfect shade of exposed brick. And I'll take the house just for the stained glass windows in the bedroom, and the baby they left in the crib, haha. Free baby! xo

  7. Wow, love everything about this, must be a delight living here!


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