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Thursday, May 15, 2014

We have gotten a little heatwave here in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday was somewhere in the 90's (I am thinking that might be a record for this time of year - it was hot), so as you might guess my mood is of the warm and sunny variety. Monday I got my new sofa and, honestly, I have been obsessively decorating and redecorating the small perimeter of my house that my new couch takes up (and sorely neglecting everything else around it). In fact the rest of my house has simply become a holding pin for my sofa area decorations moving things in and out, making mountains of piles of things I need to find new spots for or get rid of (i really need to focus on doing the latter). I am sure I will go into more details about it all than you ever will want to know in a later post, but let me tell you this is the first time that I have seen an equal up and downside to designing prints and pillows. Oh, the combinations I have at my fingertips!! My old couch took up a lot of real estate so I have several coveted items that I have been hoarding until my new couch arrived (well before my new couch was a twinkle in my eye actually), and it's been hard to tear myself away from inside to enjoy the outside. But yesterday I moved my redecorating party to my patio and spent a little time planting my plants that were on the verge of a shriveled demise. My goal for the rest of the week is to begin the "unpiling" around my house, and with that as my goal I am sure I will have no problems skipping that plan for the sunshine and out of doors. 

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  1. Your pins are always so inspiring to me! It's been hot, hot, hot here this week. I could use a break, actually. Not ready. But, oh how I love the feeling of rearranging and organizing. Love it! Sadly, I'm just stuck cleaning. Can't wait for pics of the the whole mess! XO

  2. We've had two rainy days, but the sun is out now and my mood has shifted accordingly. If I had a patio I'm sure I wouldn't resist moving my office there. :)

  3. Nothing like something new and big, to jettison one into a redecorating tailspin!! ; ) This weather is awesome, I have a bunch of new plants out on my front porch that need planting before it gets unbearably hot.

  4. From the sneak peek I had at your sofa, it looks wonderful! Can't wait to see how you've ended up styling it

  5. What a gorgeous round-up! Post couch photos soon please!


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