Friday, May 2, 2014

I've been battling a very annoying head cold (maybe sinus infection?) the last few days. Ugh. So most of my last two days have been spent on my couch watching back to back episodes of Vikings, hoping rest is the cure. This is the last weekend and week before I am a slinging my wares at the Crafty Wonderland sale Saturday here in Portland. Crafty Wonderland is a fairly large artisan market that takes place a couple times of year. It started out really small in the basement of a hotel, but has grown and now takes place at the Portland Convention Center. This is my first show. The nerves are starting to set in. I have found (surprisingly? not surprisingly?) that a lot of people that blog are introverts and I am definitely one of them. So many of you may understand that stepping out from behind my computer, my online shop, and my generally controlled little environment is a bit nerve wracking for me. And it is. But the greater part is really just the nerves of doing something new for the first time. All the new details that go into something like this (like loading up, setting up, having enough but not too much product). Trying to get everything ready for this one day that will be here and gone like a flash in the pan. The hope that it goes really well, balanced by the preemptive acceptance of it will be whatever it is. So this weekend will hopefully be spent getting better so I can start next week with lots of energy and focus.

+ The beautiful artwork of Carola Schapals. Love.

+ Wonderful french expressions that have no good english equivalent.

+ This book has been recommended to me at least a half a dozen times recently. It just landed on my door this week and I am excited to start it, whhich will be soon I hope!

+ I bought this a couple weeks ago and I have been wearing it every. single. day. - as a shirt. A wee short for a dress for me but it's so comfortable I just haven't been able to stop myself from throwing it on at some point in the day.

+ I think I need this for my next house plant. funny.

+ My northern neighbors did this yesterday and I think it's pretty awesome.

+ Our instagram challenge is officially over. It was so much fun, we had a great turnout, and so many beautiful images to look at everyday for the last two weeks. Lauren and I are already planning the next one. And I will be here Monday to recap the the instagram challenge and show off the second half of the challenge photos. 


  1. I just love these photos. Dogwoods are among my favorite trees, and we've never had good luck with them in our own yard. I have to enjoy them elsewhere. I hate it that you've been sick, but I'm convinced that it's a sinus infection. Ask Dr. Lauren.

    And way to go Seattle! Bravo. Virginia is so backward. :(

    1. Also! I'm sad that #p_c is over! It was so wonderful, wasn't it? I'm already excited about round two! XOXO

  2. Ooof I hope you feel better soon. And I know the show is going to be awesome and that you'll be great (as usual). Have a wonderful weekend Christine

  3. that denim dress looks so comfy! i am really excited for you to go to the show! i hope that it is successful and so much fun. i can't wait to hear about it :) happy weekend christine!

  4. Is there a craft show equivalent of being the "belle of the ball"? Because you're totally going to rock this craft show, and all your nerves will have been for naught. That's always how it is. Not that I listen to my own advice.
    Also that French phrase list is awesome. "Mise en abyme" happened to me today at the Dior store. I wasn't fancy enough to be in there in the first place (they open the door for you and lock it after so no riff raff can just walk in) and there are carpets and luxe furnishings everywhere, and everyone is in a suit. And I go wandering into one room, think I'm heading towards a door, and walk right into a mirror. I thought it was another person and said, "Excuse moi." Nope. It was me. xo

    1. hahaha, you are so sweet. i guess on the up side my nerves are giving way to just hoping i am not feeling like poo.

      oh my gosh that is such a funny story. at least you got you 'embarrassing moment' out of the way early on, right?

  5. I got lost in your links and had to find my way back :) I think that dress looks so comfortable, I need to get a new work uniform besides paint splattered jeans from 2 years ago. Any suggestions?
    p.s. Good luck at the craft fair, your stuff is so great, I'm sure you'll sell out in no time!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. How exciting about the upcoming craft fair! I just have to let you know that I am in love with that top photo, it is really beautiful! : ) I think it's the pinkish sky that does it for me.

  7. I'm one of those introvert bloggers too I think. So kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone. And Ugh, I battled the same head cold last week- nasty. Feel better!

  8. these photos are so pretty. i really love the colours :)
    i hope you get well soon!

  9. lovely photos :)


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