Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Friday! This week turned out to be a pretty quiet one for me, getting back into the routines after a string of busy weeks and enjoying some rest and relaxation. I think I may even have the time now to start tackling that to-do list that always seems to fall to the wayside to other, more pressing, to-do lists. Now I just need to decide which task to start with, as these to-do's are all bigger projects that I never seem to have the time for, afraid something will come up and I will be left to leave it midway through. But I'd love to scratch one off my list over the long weekend - like painting my kitchen cabinets, or organizing my inventory and work areas, or purging our clothing closets and dressers. None of which I am particularly excited to do, but all of which I know will feel so good once they are done! 

+ These modular room dividers / storage units by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho called the Room Collection

+ I love this mansion planter (at first I thought it said fourteen dollars, hahahaha)

+ This makes me feel much better about my inevitable daily grammatical errors. 

+ I definitely think we should bring back some of these archaic words. I think crapulence is one I will definitely be adding to my vocabulary. 

+ I made this rosemary and lemon chicken recipe from Alexa, over at Short and Sweet blog this week and it was so simple and so good. A perfect easy dinner. 

+ And this pretty Paris apartment from Apartment Therapy

Hope you all have a good long weekend! Any plans? 


  1. Yum! Rosemary and Chicken! Sounds absolutely delish! Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend. X

  2. Finally! The long weekend is here! I feel like I've been waiting for it forever, even though last weekend was a long weekend as well (but I'm not counting that one). Hope you and I both get a breather in there

  3. So much goodness here, ha - I just got stuck on that page full of crapulence, if only I could commit to memory some of those good words! Hope you have a great weekend Christine and I will send you an email later :)

    Mary Jo

  4. love the old english words, even though it's poorly researched. flitterwochen is German and still very muc in use :)

  5. Hope you're enjoying a wonderful long weekend, Christine!


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