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Monday, June 30, 2014

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was spent in a flurry of deconstruction. My house is torn. up.  I did start clearing the clutter as I mentioned was on my weekend to-do list last week. I started with my kitchen, which resulted in a little detour in my first project and I ended up painting my kitchen and kitchen cabinets. It's been on my to-do list for a long time. The last time I painted my cabinets I was lazy and unfortunately not long after I painted my paint began to peel. So this time I vowed to do it right. I was going to strip those cabinets down. I got through heat-gunning two cabinet doors and decided that maybe every time I paint I'll just strip a couple doors at a time. It took me three hours for two doors. Anyone who has a job stripping paint with heat guns, I am sure they don't get paid nearly enough. Labor i.n.t.e.n.s.i.v.e. I did sand and prime the remaining doors, so hopefully they will hold up, but those ones I stripped, they definitely do look better. And there may have been a little contact paper involved in my kitchen make-over. But in the spirit of procrastinating an even bigger job, I finally got this one done, so no complaints. Unless you want to hear me complain about heat guns some more. I could go on about that. 

When I finally finished my kitchen project late Sunday evening, I headed online to find some inspiration to keep going in my endeavors and I found this beautiful Swedish flat in Kungsholmen. I love the open feel of this apartment, all the light and large rooms give it such an airiness. I also really like how they kept the neutral feeling of the space by turning their books around backwards. Unfortunately I buy books much faster than I read them and have not read half of the books I have lining my many bookshelves so I need to see the spines, but I really love the look of it.  

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Double Occupancy

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do you remember when I talked about redoing my twins bedroom way back when? If not, no worries it was awhile ago, eleven months to be exact. I still haven't gotten around to it. Time, money, space. Space, money, time.  And of course the indecision that plagues me whenever I have the chance to make big changes. Not to mention their room is tiny, so I've felt limited in the whats and hows. But much to my happy surprise my oldest decided he wanted the smaller room (fresh start me thinks. sometimes it's easier to just move than clean), so I think it's finally going to happen. Yesterday we took the day to move him into their room. And now that Fisher's room is filled with abandoned objects that didn't make the cut into the new room, plus being filled willy-nilly with M+L's room full of belongings, many of which I realized we really could do without, we are going to use it as a temporary dump to pile other worn/tired/unused items into it. I am going to dig around my house and get rid of things that need to be gotten rid of, then clear it out all out and start over for M+L too. There very well may be yard sale in my future. 

I am still pretty indecisive in the direction I want to go, but with a bit larger of a room I will certainly have more options. These are a few images I have gathered for inspiration. I love bunk beds, but they terrify me. I am just not sure I can handle the daily stress of my children pushing each other off of them either in play or in haste. I would have to get one of those "___ days since last injury" boards. But that little house bunk bed! How cute is that? I also really like the end-to-end beds in the second photo. And considering we already have two similar beds that's the route I am gravitating towards. I was an only child so I never had a shared room. Right now they don't mind but I'd like to set it up so they can grow into it as well (again with the least injuries to each other as possible). Did any of you share a room with your sibling/s? Any advice you can give me on things you liked or hated or wished for? 

I am signing off for the week so I can start this giant project we now have set in motion, if I wait a minute too long I am afraid the whole thing will become a sort of monster under my bed that I cower and hide under my blankets from - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One of the best parts of living in Portland is not just how beautiful it is, but how quickly one can escape the city to spend a day, or even just an hour in nature. Portland has grown a lot in the last couple decades. There are a lot of transplants here, and being from here I didn't get it for so long, always imaging myself someday leaving for a sunnier climate, or an entirely different country. But the reason I most often get when I ask people who have relocated here from elsewhere is simply that "it's beautiful." And it is. I have learned to take this less for granted as I have gotten older. In the summer months we do often just pile in the car and can be in a spot like this on the river in under 20 minutes. It's so easy and the boys love throwing rocks in water and digging in dirt and sand and looking for bugs on trails and playing hide and seek between the trees.  And I really like all of those things too. 

Summer Flicks Picks | Part 1 |

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer is officially here and luckily we were greeted by it with a long day of sunshine. As many of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know, summer is my favorite season. There are many reasons for this, the chance of long breaks of rain here in the Pacific Northwest being at the top of them. But there are other reasons too. Mostly it comes down to the fact that it feels so nostalgic. Most of the memories that stand out in my mind involve summer in one regard or another. Especially my happiest ones. Being an only child to a single mom who worked a lot, not to mention a best friend that lived 45 minutes away, M-F was a bit dismal for me. So I really looked forward to the weekends where I would spend my time with my grandparents and, of course, summer where I could spend days and days on end with my grandparents. 

While I still spent a lot of time alone even at their house, they had cable(!) and a vcr(!) and a video store just a couple blocks away which was my unofficial hang-out spot. I'd spent hours picking out videos and asking for recommendations from the store clerks. Everyday I'd take my allowance to video chest to find a new movie. As much as I loved Corey Haim I ran out of the new releases within the first few weeks of summer, so the store clerks helped to introduce me to classics, like Hitchcock, and that is where, somewhere around the age of 10, that my love affair of film blossomed. After my intro to Hitchcock I wanted to learn who the all "greats" were. As a parent now, it does seem a little odd that the 20-something clerks recommended Lolita, but it was Stanley Kubrick, so of course I needed to see it.

Being a natural creature of habit as soon as the days lengthen and I find myself sweating while just sitting on my couch popping watermelon in my mouth, my memory gets jogged back to those summer nights of my childhood and I get all consumed with nostalgia and a desire to re-watch some of my favorites. There's a lot, so this summer I thought I start a mini-series on my favorite summer films. Most are older, but there's a few new ones I'd add to the list too. It's been especially fun to re-watch them with my oldest, Fisher, who has become a lover of Hitchcock and Kubrick too. Some on my favorites list are my favorite films of all-time, and some are just fun summer movies. This list has two of my favorite films: 12 Angry Men and Rear Window. And a few that I just have to watch every summer just for the fun of it like: Poltergeist, Vacation and The Birds. Do you have any favorite must-watch summer movies?

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Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has gone by so fast, I can't believe the weekend is here already! Might be that I've been playing a little bit of hooky online. Totally necessary once in awhile. Wednesday was one of my oldest and dearest friends birthdays and a few of us gathered for a last minute birthday celebration. I definitely don't get out for drinks and girls nights very often (i'm seriously embarrassed to say how long it's actually been!), in fact I don't get out at night very often at all, so it was fun to go to one of my favorite areas (the pearl district) and do some happy hour hopping at some of the best restaurants in Portland and even a little bit of window shopping (those photos are from a really great store call Cargo - their tagline is 'let us overwhelm you' and it is overwhelming, but in a good way. i could spend hours in there.). My favorite restaurant stop was Andina's, really I wasn't too impressed with the food at any of the places we went (and yes, i got small plates at them all), though the drinks were all good. The best part of course was making time for each other and celebrating, not only a birthday but friendships that are now 20 years long(!).

Thursday morning I was lucky enough to meet up with another good friend and her two little guys for a another long-overdue visit. We went to one of my favorite parks in Portland, Mt. Tabor, and finally the sun is back, so it was a perfect day for it. With all that I would say it's been a lovely week. Hope you all have a great weekend! I think mine is going to involve playing a little catch-up.

House Tour | Stockholm Apartment |

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This beautiful Stockholm apartment is the home of prop stylist Joanna Laven. I love the contrast of the old architectural details of the apartment with the modernity of the interior design. Neither the old or new seems to be competing with the other. To me there is also a bit of a masculine/feminine juxtaposition that works so brilliantly in this space. The more feminine ornate moldings, high ceilings, and parquet floors, and white walls, with the more masculine clean lines, dark textiles and rich wood tones. And that bedroom. And the kitchen! It might not all be my particular style but I can nonetheless admire every inch of this space. 

Images via Design Milk  Photos via Idha Lindhag
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