High-waist + One piece

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I have to start this post with full-disclosure: I don't really wear bathing suits. Sometimes. Though they tend to be something I admire from afar. I don't get a new bikini every summer. But every year I look for a swimsuit to love. And every year I put on my old vintage one-piece. Growing up I'd say I was fairly insecure (and by fairly of course i mean severely), and in my day there weren't any cute bathing suits unless they were bikini's, with insanely high cuts that went up to your hipbone, so I just kind of opted out. I grew up in the 80's and early 90's, everything was oversized and baggy and puffy so it wasn't actually that weird to wear shorts and a tank top to the pool (watch roseanne and who's the boss? they offer a perfect range of examples of every style between these decades). There also wasn't shaming of body shame. It was perfectly acceptable to be ashamed of your body when I was younger. In fact I was never actually ashamed of my body. I was just shy and super white. And as I said, it wasn't such a big deal. I didn't feel as bad about me as I felt about swimsuits. Sure I wore bikini's on the beach of Hawaii and, as mentioned, I have my go-to vintage once-piece that I wore way before vintage one-pieces were cool (trust me I am not using that as a compliment to myself. this was the only solution i could come up with when the whole "don't be ashamed of your body" thing started, in which i was promptly more ashamed to be ashamed and found the one, one-piece that i kind of felt okay in, despite looking like i was in fact ashamed of my body). But I am digressing. Today there are so many cute swimsuits. Ones in which you can even rock a little modesty in. I love all of these but I think num. 01 + 04 are my favorites.

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  1. Aside from always feeling more comfortable in a one-piece suit, I just think they're more classic and classy overall than a skimpy bikini. But that's just me, and I haven't been in a bathing suit in...oh my god. Six years? No. Wait, there was that one time Jeff and I took a dip at a hotel pool in NYC when we were first dating on a weekend getaway. So maybe 4 years. Yikes! xo

  2. Unfortunately, I can NOT do the high waist style but if you can, girl rock it

  3. I love vintage swimming wear. All of them are nice, for me wil be the 5 and 6 !

  4. I do love the high waisted and more modest designs in swimwear that are floating around these days. I have been wearing the same swim suit for over 10 years now, jeez! I was just thinking the other day that I should probably get a new one.

  5. gorgeous picks! i absolutely love the high waist style but somehow i find them less flattering on me than a bikini! but agree, i'm definitely wanting to find a stylish one-piece this year :)

  6. these look great, but no way would I wear any one of them. whatever kind of body type you have to be too look good in something like that, I don't have it ;)


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