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Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has gone by so fast, I can't believe the weekend is here already! Might be that I've been playing a little bit of hooky online. Totally necessary once in awhile. Wednesday was one of my oldest and dearest friends birthdays and a few of us gathered for a last minute birthday celebration. I definitely don't get out for drinks and girls nights very often (i'm seriously embarrassed to say how long it's actually been!), in fact I don't get out at night very often at all, so it was fun to go to one of my favorite areas (the pearl district) and do some happy hour hopping at some of the best restaurants in Portland and even a little bit of window shopping (those photos are from a really great store call Cargo - their tagline is 'let us overwhelm you' and it is overwhelming, but in a good way. i could spend hours in there.). My favorite restaurant stop was Andina's, really I wasn't too impressed with the food at any of the places we went (and yes, i got small plates at them all), though the drinks were all good. The best part of course was making time for each other and celebrating, not only a birthday but friendships that are now 20 years long(!).

Thursday morning I was lucky enough to meet up with another good friend and her two little guys for a another long-overdue visit. We went to one of my favorite parks in Portland, Mt. Tabor, and finally the sun is back, so it was a perfect day for it. With all that I would say it's been a lovely week. Hope you all have a great weekend! I think mine is going to involve playing a little catch-up.


  1. Celebrating friendships that are 20 years old, yes, that's something worth making time more often for. I would say you should count it as a wonderful week. I hope your weekend will be the same!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate! I love the subtle nod to 38 in that 380 sign ;) Sounds like you guys had a much needed, much enjoyed girls night. What could be better? And I used to have one of those dolls! My god-parents oldest son worked in Africa -Lesotho, Senega-- and Tibet and East Asia, and brought me back one of those dolls and a kente cloth dress when I was about six or seven. Man, that sparked up some memories! I can still remember the way that doll smelled! xo

  3. Whew that store is WAY overwhelming - kind of creepy and really cool, which is just what I'm in the mood for these days. I'm glad you had a great week and I hope the weekend was a continuation of all of that

  4. I was wondering where these photos were taken! The pearl district must really be great if it's your favorite. Despite the food, the company and drinks and a well deserved night out sounds perfect. And when I come visit some day, the overwhelming store is a must-see!

  5. Hello my dear! I've missed you. I love your photo diaries and the glimpses they give me into your life. Especially like that black & white shot of you and your friends. Movement, motion, all conveying happiness. XO

  6. fab pics. looks like a really cool place you live in. and yeah to old friends xoxo


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