Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday is here and I am ready because this week has been a bit of a wash for us. We have all been fighting a bug, neither too sick to feel particularly good about lazing about, but not well enough to focus on anything for too long. Hopefully I can get some of my mojo back over the weekend and enjoy all this amazing weather we have been having. Any weekend plans for you? 

+ This beautiful slide show and accompanying article Lost in Time, from the nytimes, about an amazing Moroccan market town, Taroudant.  

+ This video from the Colbert report where he talks with one of the authors I most admire, Sherman Alexie, and in which they promote my favorite bookstore in the world (and the best bookstore ever, in my humble opinion) Portland's very own Powell's. Where I happened to be yesterday and finally picked up this book that I have been wanting for quite sometime. And this one, recommended to me by the lovely ruth of A Miusmie

+ These turkey burgers are definitely going on the weekend dinners menu. 

+ At the new year one of my goals was to live with intention and when I came across this blog post I found some really great reminders and new inspiration to keep putting this into practice.

+ I still have high hopes of serious spring cleaning, which will likely be summer cleaning at this point. And this blog post is a good one if you have a few things you are contemplating purging.


  1. What a perfect selection of photographs (and location) for a Friday! I hope you are all better today so that you can properly enjoy the weekend. :)

  2. I just have to say, that first photo is a dream - so cool! Aaand btw - thanks for including my recipe link in your post today! xoxo

  3. oh no, I hope you guys feel better soon. love the images you are sharing here!!! xoxo

  4. Oh I do so hope you enjoy the book. And I think I need another weekend right now to recover from this past one... sigh, it's a vicious cycle


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