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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's been awhile since I have done any shopping at Ikea. Honestly I kind of swore it off for a bit. We didn't have a store in Portland until sometime in 2008, and the closest one before then was near Seattle, so when it opened here I went a little overboard on my Ikea purchases. I recently have been trying to replace some things that I bought that just didn't hold up very well over the years, or that I simply got tired of. Though to be fair I do have a few things from Ikea that I really love (like my bookcases). But in trying to get M+L's room done (I am so close!) I took the three minute drive down to Ikea to get a few things for said room, I even spent a few minutes wandering around their showroom and where I found myself oohing and ahhing over a few of their new pieces. Unfortunately I just picked up a few practical items like shelving, but I did get this cool light cord for their "new" room. 

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  1. Oh, IKEA. Love of my life. I go frequently, and we always have, even when I was growing up. When I lived with my roommate in our freshman year of college we used to go to IKEA for meals. 99c mac and cheese! I wait every year for the new catalog, and I am loooovving #5, that shelf. Does that cup holder move? Can you slide it over? I might have to investigate. xo

  2. Our bookcase from Ikea is one thing I am pleased with. I don't shop much at Ikea, except for mostly decorative objects now and then, but I agree, some pieces are of a better quality than others. I like that table in your selection.

  3. haha I remember when Ikea opened and it was such a big deal. I still love Ikea but now if I have to go I totally plan meatballs and then whatever I am going to buy- so it's not totally life draining.

  4. Kindred spirits Christine - I went to Ikea this weekend picked up yet ANOTHER bookshelf. Sigh...

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea too, but it is a great way to furnish any place when you're on a budget. lovely choice of 'things' you have here :)

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  7. ohhh this makes me want to go to ikea! we only need 1 organizational item for our laundry room, but other than that, our entire house has everything it needs! but... it doesn't hurt to just browse :)


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