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Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy first Monday of August! Oh I am hoping the days and moments linger long this month. I am so not ready for summer to be over. Not ready for the back-to-school commercials. Not ready for this miracle of endless sunshine to give way to the endless rain. Luckily with this weekend we seemed to be off to a good start. It was a fun one without time flying. We started it out Friday (i always start my weekends on friday's) with a trip downtown to cool off in the fountains along waterfront park. There are several within just a few block of each other, each with own special water powers that must be visited. We got some treats of course, as we can't seem to leave the house for any amount of time without feeling like we deserve a treat. Saturday was a good day spent around the house, sitting in the sun with books, finding four(!) wiggly loose teeth (kindergarten pics are going to be classics this year!), and a long walk in the sunset - which seemed to be one of the prettiest sunsets I have seen in quite awhile, and really, we've had many good ones lately.

Sunday was an extra fun day because I finally had my first blogging #IRL (I feel like such a late bloomer!) and was able to meet up with the fabulous Ruth, from A Musime, while she was in town visiting her sister. I have met people from online before via my business. And those meetings have always been a lovely surprise. But, this was different, my blog is definitely a different space than my business space (a different "hat" as we discussed in length. all those hats we wear). I've been following Ruth's blog for quite awhile now, we've talked about books and poetry over emails, asked about each others families and animals and random health/food related inquiries. And the realization emerged in conversation (at least for me) that we know quite a bit about each other. But of course there are gaps, so many gaps, so it was fun being able to fill them in. Not to mention the nuances that you can only get from watching a persons face when they talk and hearing their voice and seeing their gestures. It was really lovely. And in case you also read Ruth's blog and have yet to meet her, I can assure you she is even more hilarious and poised and down-to-earth and thoughtful in person. So, yes, it was a lovely weekend filled with lots of wonderful long moments to bask in.

Also in case you missed it our instagram challenge starts today! You can read more about it here


  1. The photos are gorgeous, Christine! One of the best parts of blogging is that you get to get in touch with wonderful people, who can prove to be even more so if you have the opportunity to meet them in person. And some of them can even become your friends and that is really amazing. Enjoy this last month of summer! I can not believe it's going so fast.

  2. I love those shots of your boys. And I'm filled with joy at the though of you and Ruth spending time together. It felt, all evening, like there was a thread pulling my heart toward you, all the way out west. When I first met Theresa, way, way back, I was struck with the sense of *seeing* a friend more than *meeting* a friend. Did it feel that way for you? Until our turn, dear heart, this will have to do. XOXO

  3. Eeee that's so exciting!! I'm so happy you got to meet up with Ruth. I was hoping you two would! It's so funny meeting these far away friends from the internet, isn't it? Ten years ago we were discouraged from meeting people from the internet, haha. Now? Totally encouraged and always less weird than you expect!
    Love those boys of yours. xo

  4. I had SUCH a good time chatting with you and thank you so much for sharing your list of things to do in Portland. I can't wait to come back soon and hopefully meet the boys as well :) Thanks again Christine!

  5. yeah, Ruth is lovely. we met in London earlier this year. I wish all of us could meet one day. how fun would that be :)


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