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Friday, September 19, 2014

I thought of calling this post things i hated this week, but I figured that probably sounded a little on the negative side, even if the title did fit my feelings on this past week. Though, of course not entirely, there were some really good things too. But I am happy the weekend is here. I'm ready to press my reset button.

One of the things I found myself hating this week was finally getting the allergy results that I had done awhile back for Luca. Luckily corn and rice weren't on there because they are great gluten-free alternatives and are in everything "GF". Though after assuring me those were okay the nurse went on to read me a 25 long list of items that he has allergies to. Milk. Sugar. Strawberries. Chicken. Pork. Egg whites. Cashews. Grapes. Potatoes. To name a few. I've been standing in my kitchen staring blankly all week really, really, really wishing I loved to cook and had a 'can-do' attitude about it all. 

The second thing I hated this week was Etsy changed the home page. I have been on Etsy for awhile now as a shop owner, and a long time as buyer. I have to admit, in general, change kind of freaks me out. Or maybe I am a control freak and changes that aren't in my control freak me out? Either way, I've been pretty freaked out by changes Etsy has made over the years. Most of them I don't notice after awhile, or I notice they are actually pretty great changes. And from that experience over the last few years I have learned to welcome changes Etsy implements. This though? I don't understand. The lovely and welcoming storefront curation of the home page is gone and haven't yet exactly figured out what its been replaced with. It confuses me so that makes me nervous for those who haven't spent as much time there as I do. And, if I am being perfectly honest, the front page has been a big part of my product exposure. With that said, my days of being sheepish about self-promotion may be coming to a close with this change. So you all might be seeing me do more of this in the near future and attempting to exercise my social media skills (which are at about zero as of now). Have you seen it? Do you sell or buy on Etsy? What do you think?

The third, and last, thing that was a little sad this week, was our very last tree in the front area of our house fell. When I first moved in here we had the most beautiful old cherry and plum trees and in the last year they have all been cut down due to rot. We had one left, but I guess this guy miss his friends and decided to just call it quits. Luckily we still have lots and lots of trees in every other area around our house. 

Now, on to the positives! Yesterday it rained. I woke up and looked out my window and the site of grey skies and rain has never made me so giddy. It's been awhile. And not only was it rain, but it was perfect rain. Just a very light mist all day long, just enough coolness in the air that I could throw on my boots for the first time in months. While M+L were at school I walked around alone and admired the falling the leaves and how vibrant all those fall tones are against a grey backdrop. Just beautiful! I think I might be excited for the change of season and I have such a long and lovely summer to thank for making me love the fall and rain again.

I found this gem this week on the web and listened to hours of stories while getting lots of work done (if you love 'this american life' you'll enjoy this too).

I also finally got the rug I ordered for M+L's room and so hopefully, with more sun on the forecast this weekend, there will be lots of light for me to take pictures so I can finally show off their new space!

And last night I had open house night for parents at M+L's school so starting next week I will be able to start volunteering in the class! I also got word that there is a pumpkin patch field trip coming up. Oh that first pumpkin patch field trip is always such fun.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday. xo


  1. Oh UGH. That's a lot to be disgruntled about, fo sho. I just can. not. believe that list, Christine! It must feel so overwhelming right now, and I wish there was something I could do to help you navigate it from afar.

    I'm not sure what to say about Etsy. I used to shop there a lot, and over the years not as much. Not sure why. I just took a peek, and on the surface, I can't put my finger on what's different. A lot of your stuff pops up, because they're featuring stuff from shops I've favorited, which can't help your reach much. So that can't be good in the long run. I'll be paying attention, so keep us posted.

    It's been a sicky, sucky week here for everyone but our corgi (and Neel had to yell at his students AGAIN this week, jeesh), so I'm glad to see it's end. I swear Thea (the corgi) is looking at us like, "one down (Violet) four to go." ;)

    1. thanks! i wish i knew more about allergies but i am sure i will learn. hoping to see an allergist soon and very hopeful the list will be cut by about half because the readings on at least half of them from what i can tell are just over the mark to come up as allergies.

      the last change i didn't love on etsy was that the whole 'handmade' thing, while still being apart of their image isn't exactly true after they opened it up to manufactured goods. though, personally, that didn't seem to affect me as much as this is. and from what i can tell sellers and buyers are not happy with this change. hopefully etsy listens . . .

      hope you all feel better. your comment about thea made me chuckle :) xo

  2. ohmygosh, the twins!! how adorable are they?! and i love, love, love, their styles. thank goodness you have (all) your sweet boys to brighten things up, given the rough week you've had. luca's results must be the most frustrating. out of curiosity, are his allergies something that his immune system can rebuild a fortitude towards or are they life-long? in other words, are you doing an illimination of those foods before slowly re-introducing them to his diet or can he just never have them again? have you read alicia silverstone's "the kind diet" she has such great recipes with alternative ingredients that may fit into luca's new diet. you should check it out.
    anyway, i'm glad you got out to enjoy that first fall-ish day and i hope that this weekend you're able to hit re-set. enjoy it!
    p.s. love your etsy shop. and i encourage you to do "soft promoting" via insta and this site.

    1. thank you so much! they always brighten my days, so really even my worst days are never that bad!

      from what i understand it's pretty normal for kids to grow out of food allergies. on his last test, which was much smaller than this one, he was allergic to oats and soy . . . this time those were fine.

      and, yes, i feel much more comfortable promoting on instagram and here, so i will probably try to bump those up a bit and then maybe dip my toes in the others with a little more frequency. i think if i just make a schedule that might help me feel more comfortable with it. xo

  3. Yeah, I don't like the new Etsy home page at all! I am with you, I don't really understand even what s happening in the new homepage, the old style was charming, easy to navigate and fro sellers like you, it must be exciting when you are featured in the front page treasury. Boo Etsy! It seems like such a lazy change, when I first saw it, I though I had accidentally clicked on my home feed page. OMG, I was so happy when I woke up to rain yesterday, and then grumpy when I woke up and it was sunny and muggy today. : P
    I am just stunned about Luca, that is really, really tough. Sorry : (

    1. from what i am reading and hearing the vast majority of people do not like this new look. at all. my views and orders on my stats graph looks like a cliff since they rolled it out a few days ago. so if that's true for other sellers i can't imagine that this is something they can keep, obviously their business is dependent on our business and vice versa. i know there WAS a lot of favoritism on the front page before, and that isn't fair - which is why they say they changed it (one of the reasons), but what we have here makes no sense at all. i am fairly sure they could have address this while still keeping a variety of information and a lovely home page.

      honestly, i was kind of hoping for another rainy day myself today! xo

  4. omg those two little boys, insanely cute! do they dress themselves? or is it you that has such great taste and style for mixing patterns? and i'm so sorry to hear about your tree! we have a grand old oak tree next to our new house that is lifting up the floorboards and i love the charm (and character) that it adds. i'd hate for it to ever fall.
    and yes! the moth! such a great podcast. i listen to the moth, this american life, and radio lab. oddly enough, i also listen to car talk which i love for the humor and the fact that the two mechanics sound like my grandfather and his brother talking.
    volunteering for m+l's class and the pumpkin patch sounds wonderful! can i come along? i won't see pumpkins for a while down here in florida :(

    1. oh, thank you so much! no, i dress them. sometimes they help, but if it were up to them they'd wear their sparkly frozen t-shirts every single day. and while a sparkly frozen t-shirt is lovely . . . i like to mix it up a bit ;)

      i listen to car talk too! it seems to be the one show i am always in my car at the right time to listen to. i just love their laughs, which i think is reason enough for me to listen. i'd love it if you could come to pumpkin patch. it's not till the 23 of october, so come visit! xo

  5. Oh, it does sound like such a bummer week! I'm so sorry, I hope it gets better soon! I'm not sure if I'm the right person to weigh in on the Etsy thing, since I fell out of love with it a while back over some changes that came a little more than a year ago that I though made the navigation far less user friendly. Now when I shop on Etsy, I exclusively use keyword searches and find the item I want based on a quick glance over the offerings and I rarely spend time browsing around just for fun like I used to. It looks like the new home page is in line with current web design trends but I can see why you wouldn't like it! More and more over the years it seems the online creative community has become more niche-y and clique-y: it's all about getting your product in the hands of the right person on Instagram or whatever. Ah, changes! I'm sure you'll ride them out swimmingly.

    1. i miss the etsy of a couple years back as well, though, as a seller i have to admit that there have been some positive changes. this one i can't see being a good change for either buyers or sellers.
      i'll be curious to see how it all plays out.

  6. oh no, the allergy results don't sound good. must be hard if it only affects one person in the family. I'm sorry you had a bit of a mixed week. lovely pics tho. i envy you your fall excursions :) xoxo

  7. Holy smokes Luca! Sheesh! Poor kiddo. And some of those are very random allergies as well (cashews??) but at least y'all know and can start adjusting his diet and hopefully making him feel better too. Big hug to you Christine


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