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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We appear to be suffering the cold that never ends around here. It seems one person gets better one day, only to wake up the next and find it's taken hold of another. And truthfully my shoulders are feeling a bit achy this morning and I fear I might feeling the beginnings of a rumble in my chest and today I slept through my alarm. That never happens, usually I wake up before it goes off. But I have been keeping pretty low key around here as it has made its way through my children, so I am hoping that will work in my favor. 

But onto more pleasant topics. When I saw this flat last night I immediately got a feeling of warmth and coziness from it. It looks like the perfect place to be doing exactly what we have been doing - laying on the couch, putting the kettle on the stove, watching movies, and reading books. I also just love the overall design style of this home. I do love a Scandinavian interior and I am always drawn to the classic black and white with natural textiles and materials look, and I also love mid-century, especially with leanings toward the relaxed and natural designs of the '70's. And this place does such a fantastic job of mixing all of these styles into one very inviting and intimate space. 

Images: Stadshem


  1. i heart scandinavian design too. so simple, understated, beautiful.

    get well soon, my friend. hopefully that bug is making it's way out of your household.xo

  2. That kitchen spot with the table is so lovely and cosy - it sends out a feel good vibe and that's a must when it comes to kitchens as far as I'm concerned. Hope nobody is sick anymore.

  3. I hope you guys feel better soon! Last week I overslept one morning too, shame! This house has such a homey cozy feel to it. That kitchen tile is a real stunner. xx

  4. get better soon. fall is too short to spend half of it sick at home. xoxo

  5. Oh man, I hope you all feel better soon. Hot tea!

  6. i love love love this interior. especially that kitchen wallpaper. swoon! feel better all of you <3

  7. Ugh sick and colds are so contagious.. when one person gets it, then it creeps onto the next and then the next. Feel better soon.

    I love this home- it actually looks like people live there :)


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