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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I feel like this week is quickly slipping away from me. Right now I feel like my mind being pulled in all sorts of different directions and, really, I am (finally, kind of) to the point where I am ready for the familiar (and new) routines to start already. It's been a busy couple weeks with everything for me it seems. And as many of you know I have been a having a tiny bit of a hard time with the idea of sending my M+L off to kindergarten. But maybe the busy came at just the right time because this morning I found myself fantasizing about uninterrupted time. Finishing a sentence without getting up half-way through, having a clean house for more than 5 minutes (maybe a whole 5 hours 5 times a week!), devoting blocks of time to work that isn't before or after the sun rises and sets. It was all looking and sounding pretty good in my head. After my inevitable few minutes of sniffles after I drop M+L for their first day of kindergarten on Friday it's going to be all quite lovely I think.

And speaking of lovely - this apartment. That is the most perfect teeny-tiny bedroom I have ever laid eyes upon. I always wish my bedroom was bigger, thinking that would solve my uninspired bedroom woes. But now I am actually wishing it was smaller. And that kitchen is so striking. I am not sure why there is such a disparity between american and european galley styled kitchens but I think this proves that there definitely is. And of course the floors and that amazing little fireplace.

Images: Stadshem Photographs by Jonas Bergman


  1. When Cal first started school, I had the hardest time knowing what to do with all that time...! I'd walk around the house moving piles from one table to another. It's still a little like that at the start of each school year. I have friends who host a back-to-school brunch for all the moms, which seems like a lovely tradition. Treat yourself to something nice, and daydream about this lovely apartment. I'm with you on the bedroom. No need for colossal. XO

  2. Ummm, that bedroom. What the what? And you're going to be so productive when they're at school, I think you're going to surprise yourself :) Or you'll just read lots of books and eat lots of treats. Either way, sounds like a win to me

  3. Ah mah gah. That bedroom! That bed!! That canopy!! Can I just, excuse me, wait, don't mind me, I'm just going to curl up riiiiight there and nap for a while. Wake me before lunch, oui? Gosh this apartment is fabulous. The rooms and spaces are all perfectly proportioned for their function, which makes it even more perfect.

    I'm with Ruth, I think you're going to end up looooving the alone time. Just don't feel guilty about it when you do! :) xo

  4. oh, what a wonderful place. except for the kitchen. I love me some black and white but that just doesn't work for me. otherwise, I'd crawl into this bed any time... as to some free time. you'll get used to it. love is about letting go. it's going to be great for all three of you xoxo

  5. i dream of having kitchen floors like that! also - i know what you mean about the routine. i was looking forward to a full time job and having a set schedule of 9-5 m-f because it's a routine, right? but i still find us in busy waves and slow waves and i always forget to cherish the mundane routine when we're in it. but it's really nice to have those 5 hour a day to yourself, to work, to be you :)

  6. Oh wow! Now that is just pure perfection <3 I wouldn't change a thing. It's a beautiful apartment <3

  7. I am really happy for you that you'll be getting that independent time now, it is so rejuvenating to be able to just reset and breathe. I love this kitchen so much!


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