Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Friday! Well, we made it through the first week of school. Mostly. All three of my boys got their first cold in the middle of the week. But M+L are still eager to get up and go in the morning and continue to be really excited about kindergarten. Fisher, being a junior(!) this year (what the...how did this happen?), is showing a renewed excitement for school that I haven't seen in quite awhile. Though it may be more motivated by finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The first thing he said on his first day was, after I saw his very full schedule was: "next year i only need three classes and i'll be done!" Something to work towards. I'll take it. Even I am finding my alone time quite favorable. Though I should mention when you have a dog, you are never, ever completely alone. Now it's just girl time for Marla and me. We have taken some nice long morning walks, cleaned the walls (though we decided that was boring after about 10 minutes), discovered I suddenly have a lot of white hairs growing in my bangs, listened to new and old music, discussed the new book I am reading, and have been getting a good amount of work done. Well I do the work. Marla supervises me. And now the weekend is upon us again. I always look forward to the weekend. But it does feel much more special now that we have more structure to our week. I think I might even learn how to relax again! Hope you all have a great one.

+ This series called In Pieces; an artistic collaboration between photographer, Dean West and Sculptor, Nathan Sawaya. You can read more about it here. But before you do - can you spot the lego sculptors in each photo? 

+ I still have a supply of incandescents from when I stocked up before they went off the market. But when I saw this article about the best bulbs to replace your incandescents with, I thought it was worth bookmarking. 

+ Blogger, writer, and self-proclaimed francophile, Erin, from Like / Want / Need has started a shop selling her beautiful prints of Paris, aptly named, Paris Print Shop. Be sure to stop by there are some really beautiful images.

+ This amazing and beautiful trogdolyte dwelling (cave) in France on airbnb. 


  1. I love these photos. They remind me a little like yours in a way. The muted colors somehow. I found a couple of the lego sculptures but not all. That's fun! Like finding the Hirschfeld! :) Happy, Happy first week and happy happy weekend. One in the books! You'll be in a routine before you know it. :)

  2. I think I'm catching what everyone's kids have been passing around at school - ugh - and I really don't appreciate it. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the weekend. Let's hope that this cold blows past us all, right?

  3. You are right, the weekends are that much more special when you have a structured week. But I often find myself very productive on weekends and I like to take advantage of that. I really love this time of year when everybody is back to their routine and work. Have a great weekend, Christine!

  4. Yay! Happy Friday. Have you seen that house thats attached to a cliff? now that I would love to rent.

    Have a wonderful weekend! There are so many fun things happening in Portland this weekend- I can barely stand it.

  5. great pics. and I'm happy to hear you are enjoying your new found freedom :)

    ps: and thanks for the book recommendation

  6. Thank you for the link-love, my darling!! xoxo


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