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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fig and almond butter smoothie

Today we are headed to the pumpkin patch for a class field trip! Which I'd be a tiny bit more excited about if it hadn't been raining for the last 48 hours straight. Last night I sat down and deleted pictures on my phone because I had no more space - I am such a picture hoarder. I need to get better about this. But hopefully I will have enough space to take a couple to share on instagram. I mean kindergarten + pumpkin patch - pretty big deal.

I am still trying to get into the swing of all this alone time while my kids are at school. The mornings are the most difficult. Mornings I still find myself wandering around my house not quite sure where to invest my time. And I think my coffee consumption has somehow doubled (or tripled) which seems completely counter-intuitive. Before the whole school routine I'd wake up leisurely, have a cup of coffee, read blogs and laze a bit until my kids got up. Then I'd slowly get them ready for the day, set about for a walk, or to the park, or store. But with school starting I wake up even earlier so I can try to continue my solo coffee consumption and then it's a mad dash to get everyone up and out the door. When I come home it's still only 8 am and that's a lot of hours where a person who doesn't quite know what to do with themselves can still drink coffee. I wonder if part of my problem of not being able to get focused has anything to do with being over-caffeinated?

With that said, I thought I'd look up some yummy fall-inspired drinks, something a little more special with caffeine and go for quality over quantity. Or just go caffeine-free with a fancy hot chocolate or smoothie. I also added a couple spiked drinks to my list too because, don't get me wrong when I say this, but I really think I need to "drink" a little more. In fact I never drink. I have become a complete teetotaler. I love red wine (pinot noir to be exact) but I just don't feel like drinking every night so I usually end up waisting half full bottles. But, you know, I think a little nightcap can actually be good for you. And I truly think sitting down with a drink a couple times a week would do me well, especially with such delicious and pretty cocktails. So I might make a pit stop at the liquor store later today too. 


  1. Your timing is perfect because last night (our first really chilly, blustery evening) I was just thinking I needed an autumn drink. I don't drink a lot either, mostly because of the headaches, but if I do it very carefully (one drink, with food), I'm usually fine. And the ritual is SO nice.

    I'm a picture hoarder too. I'm caving and getting the 64G next time.

  2. gah, i cannot WAIT to see those pumpkin patch pictures! and as for the coffee... well, i may not be able to provide the most objective response because for me, it solves all (that lavender honey latte? what IS that! i want it!), but may i suggest writing a list? you probably already do this, but it really helps to get my crazy thoughts in order and few things are more gratifying than putting a strike through each of the items as you get through them.

  3. I will always take a glass of red wine over any other type of drink. And yes, I think a glass of red wine a day is good for you. Apple cider this time of year doesn't sound bad either. Kids and pumpkin patch...I get the feeling we are in for some lovely pictures.

  4. Oooh is it bad that I now want a glass of red wine or that autumn punch (and it's not even 8.30am??)... probably. Even though it's 31 degrees here in Sydney, I'm feeling decidedly autumnal after your pics!

  5. Medjool is one of those words that has followed me everywhere lately! I see it wherever I look, it feels like, which I'm taking to be a sign that I need to try some Medjool dates at some point. :)

  6. And now you have me craving a nightcap. Some Baileys would be nice right about now, at 7 am. And I am addicted to Medjool dates. I mean, they don't count as candy right? Since they're fruit and all. Glad to hear you're semi-adjusting to the boys all being in school. Don't rush it if it feels forced and difficult. You'll adjust in your own time


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