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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am not one who loves to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, and while I'd like to have a bit of a larger and more accommodating kitchen space than I currently have, an amazing kitchen is not often what fills my daydreams. Though there is one fantasy kitchen I have had in my mind for years and years. One where I might find myself draped in a linen apron with a sifter in one hand and rolling pin in the other - that would be beautiful rustic french inspired kitchen. And this gorgeously remodeled kitchen belonging to Beth Kirby of Local Milk is so spot on, I have indeed been daydreaming about kitchens (this kitchen in particular) since I saw the feature over at Remodelista the other day. My favorite part of this kitchen is in all of the beautiful details. I love the rustic elements, from the reclaimed wood work, the marble counters, to the beautiful vintage utensils. I also love the cooper accents and that all of the upper shelving is open with everything beautifully displayed. You can see more photos (and also see the before photo and her awe inspiring stove) by visiting here

Photos: Beth Kirby


  1. There is something about that first photo... Beautiful! So many times it's all in the details. I really like the kitchenware displayed here.

  2. ohhh swoon! i dream of a beautiful kitchen space too. at my dads house, he remodeled the whole thing when he bought it and pretty much the center of the house is an open kitchen/dining room/living room and he made the kitchen take up half of the space. it's lovely! now he's in the slow process of making an outdoor kitchen and pizza oven, but it's his weekend project so it takes time. can i just eat some pizzas already?

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  4. Le sigh.... So many things to want here, it's all beautiful. I clicked a link for the stove, which I especially love, and they start at $13,0000! A girl can dream though. This kitchen is definitely more "Beth Kirby", but honestly, although not exactly my absolute ideal, I could probably live with the "before kitchen", lol! ; )

    1. ha! i thought the same thing. that "before" kitchen would be a huge improvement to mine now . . . and as pretty as that stove is you could travel through europe for 6 months cooking in real french kitchens for that kind of money. but those details and touches, so pretty.

  5. oh no, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms for me. and I insist on a combined kitchen/eating/dining area. i love to cook but hate to have to disappear in a separate room.

  6. what a gorgeous kitchen, I love all the greys! Especially that first photo!

  7. Yep this is flipping fantastically gorgeous

  8. Swooooooon. I love the lighting, the moody hazy blue tone of it all. And the marble counters and that sink! Brb, off to find that exact spigot for my dream home remodel one day. xo


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