Perception Collection III Round Up

Monday, October 27, 2014

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 Exposed: orangesparrow | Pattern: sandrat212 | Flash:avivavisionphotography | Transcendent: julie.kerry.37

Gathering: jackiecuervo | Symmetry: bavardise | Fill The Frame: hellohive 
Emotion: lacroixmaisondesign | High Key: delyndaw | Horizon: surob59

I haven't been this excited for a Monday in awhile, but this week is a very short school week: two days long in fact. Just today and tomorrow. Woo hoo. Does it make me sound superbly lazy to share with you how giddy I am over the fact that I don't have to make and pack 10 lunches (twins x two everything), or look for shoes while already running late, or brave the cold, dark, and rainy mornings to drive 10 blocks to school (because, yeah, i totally drive those 10 blocks every. day. even on bike or walk to school week). Well it's true I am very excited to bask in some lazy morning rituals and Wednesday morning can't get here fast enough - though when it does the next 4 days have my permission to slow way down. 

So, it's here, my perception_collection round-up. It's a little late and a little on the skinnier-side than normal. But if you've been reading my blog, or read it last week I should say, you will know the last couple weeks were rough. Lauren, of Still+Life, my perception_collection partner in crime, has had a lot on her plate too, so we decided to just share one photo from each day for this go around. This was necessary but hard to do! There were so many amazing photos this time and only choosing one felt nearly impossible. With that I just chose the ones that immediately stood out to me while scrolling through. This was a great challenge. It's equally fun seeing new and familiar faces. We are thinking we might do another, shorter challenge in December, so if you missed this one, or two weeks is too long there should be another here in the works soon. Thanks to everyone who participated. I know, for me personally, this challenge was cathartic. Seeing other perspectives and lives and kindness and sense of community, sharing images that made me laugh and think and ooh and ah was just the perfect thing at just the right time.


  1. You know what I love? How we choose different photos from each other, every single time. But I'm seeing how I deliberately didn't pick one because I thought you would and you didn't... Interesting.

    Girl. I think you and I need to drop your kids off at school, drive home and cuddle up with one of the fall drinks you wrote about in your last post. Love you.

  2. so much fun, thanks again - to both you and lauren - for putting this together. it's funny how with most every prompt i wanted to use a photo of my son. the challenge for me was definitely thinking out side of my usual "august-shaped" box. ha! lovely collection, you've picked some fine interpretations of each prompt.

  3. i love these pictures. i think it's the first time that i really don't look up for mondays. have great week!

  4. These are all beautiful and emotion-filled, Christine.

    PS: Regarding Duel, you can find it on DVD on, it's a collector's edition (the Blu-ray collection is really not worth it in my opinion). And I think it's also available on TCM, if you have it on cable. I have the feeling you will like the movie.

  5. I really missed the boat on this round of the challenge, so I'm happy to see even a slimmed down version of the round-up. Love the martini olives shot and the the "exposed" shot. Which makes me laugh because I caught the tail-end of the "exposed" hashtag catastrophe, haha. :) xo

  6. oh to have a two day amazing! and yet another gorgeous round-up of images, they all have a moody feel which is quite appropriate for the grey rainy day we're having here in indianapolis.

  7. amazing pics. and I can imagine how hard it must have been to only pick one. I'm way behind with commenting, so I think your lazy school week is already over. but I wish you some great and relaxed days nevertheless. xoxo


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  9. I love these perception challenges. Even with a extremely temperamental internet system that makes posting a challenge. I am so looking forward to the next one. Great photo's all around. X


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