Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday! And a three day weekend for us. Happy happy. Joy joy. I haven't been this excited to sleep in a teeny tiny bit in years. Yesterday I woke up in a bit of a rage. And I honestly don't get very rage-y. Irritable sure (my inner voice generally tends to sound a lot like a mix between george carlin and melissa mccarthy's character in the heat), but angry not so much. However yesterday I felt some primal out-for-blood instincts running through my boiling veins. I am thinking getting out from these four walls and some fresh air will do me good and, with that, I think we are going to try to head up to St. Mt. Helen's today (if nothing else a volcano should dial me back a few notches). I am hoping I can spunk up enough for the trip. I was looking at some of my old photos recently and I realized it's been 12 years since I have been there. And as soon as I left that day 12 years ago I remember saying to myself "I can't believe I never come up here. I am totally going to come up here more often!" Obviously I used the terms "totally" and "more often" very loosely. But now that I know exactly how many years it's been and the fact that we are still enjoying beautiful weather (which is going to take a rainy turn here very soon) I feel determined to make the trip. If well enough, the rest of the weekend will probably be spent catching up and cleaning up to get next week started off right. Do you have any weekend plans? 

+ New in the shop! I love cacti and am always trying to buy cacti for both inside and outside. I wish I could have a whole desert wonderland, but unfortunately the climate in the northwest isn't quite right and my indoor plant skills are still subpar. With that I decided to create some cacti that even I can't kill - cushions. You can find them here and here

+ If there was ever a story about why you should never give up on your dreams it's this one right here

+ I love this photography series Forty Portraits in Forty Years.

+ I am pretty sure this video steered me off my war path yesterday. I am pretty sure it's impossible to watch this and feel anything but pure happiness and joy. 

+ #perception_collection is back and starting today! For more info on our 14-day photo-a-day instagram challenge go here


  1. Oh! Someone on my IG feed CROCHTED cacti! I'll dig back and try to find them and tag you. They were amazingly cute. I love these. LOVE.

    And that 40/40 series is amazing. Love it too. I'm envious of your day/weekend. I'm going on my beloved hike with my friend Tracy today. We've missed it like crazy. Been way too long... But I want to go to Mt. St. Helen's!

  2. Your plans for the weekend sound like exactly what you need. It's going to be a low-key one for me. Have a good one, Christine!

  3. I saw these on IG and totally fell in love! Oh, so cute. I want both of them! We've got a 3 day weekend as well- I was hoping for a zoo trip maybe. But it's looking kinda dreary and still too hot/humid. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

  4. your trip sounds great. I start to feel a little claustrophobic on my little island and a day trip somewhere sounds like just what i need. but it's not going to happen. I think I will spend a day in the kitchen. I need comfort food.

  5. I hope you guys had a great time at St. Helens. Love the new pillows! : )

  6. The new cushions look awesome. And it's been awhile since I've checked out your shop - going over there now


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