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Monday, November 24, 2014

Based on the comments from my last post I would say I am not alone in feeling the pull into a state of hibernation lately. I did check a few things off my list over the weekend, but mostly I stayed happily wrapped up in my little cocoon. Speaking of hibernating and cocooning. This space. 

I am not normally one for an overly dark abode, but this? Oh, this I could get on board with. The variants of charcoal tones, the deep ocean blues, and the rich warm whites are such a striking combination. Pair all of that with the rough and rustic textures with the clean lines and the masculine color palette, this could be the place that converts me. And that tile in the kitchen! The raw looking texture with the slick black surface is just stunning here. I am not convinced come summertime I could see myself in this space, but in the thick of a cold and rainy fall, yes, yes, and yes.

Romain Ricard
 | Found Via Vosgesparis


  1. Ooh, I love how dark it is --which is interesting, since I'm historically an all-white-everything interiors kind of girl. Our bedroom is a dark shade of gray, and since it gets such little light I call it our bat cave. It's so unbelievably cozy in there, though. I love how the gray is carried throughout the entire house, here. xo

  2. Oh, I love a moody interior in winter. Maybe just a single room though, not the whole house. Charcoal grey, deep blue and white - yes, that is a beautiful combination. And I want a rug like the one in the first photo.

  3. yes! the tile in the kitchen was particularly stunning and very dramatic! you're right, this would make a cozy winter retreat - perfect for hibernating until the warmth of spring returns.xo

  4. That tile is pretty amazing. I'm not a fan of the dark tones, either, but this actually feels inviting rather than forboding. I like the juxtapositions of modern, industrial with rustic and traditional.

    1. yes, i think you are exactly right - it feels inviting. i think it's pretty impressive how they kept that strong masculine/contemporary style, but made it feel homey by using the warm whites, and very 'earthy' details (woods, wools, clay, linen, etc.).

  5. Depressing in the best kind of way, lol! This is dramatic and beautiful.

  6. I love, love, love this. greys and dark tones are my favourites. but after a couple of weeks living through a Northern European November I'm not sure this would work here. I think I'd kill myself in a place like this. somewhere further south with more sunshine, however... gorgeous place!!!

  7. That marble fireplace surround and those black tiles in the kitchen?! Gasping & swooning.

  8. I was / am cocooned in my hole of an apartment, hiding from the sun, the wind, the cold, everything. Particularly after the holidays, whew I need a break!

  9. Hello Christine, first of all nice blog. I have subscribed, I will follow you.
    Strange enough in the sunnier country people never go for dark colours. You would think the opposite, more light more freedom to make it darker but it is not like that. I work as an Interior designer in Rome and convince an Italian to paint a wall blue is a mission. I love rich dark colours and I think black or extremely dark grey looks really elegant but you need to be a super tidy person with only sleek belongings. Everything needs to look like in a photo shoot at all the time.
    Thanks for sharing.


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