Minimal Screensavers Round-up

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holy panic attack batman. I spent the last couple days in a cold sweat after I attempted to update my operating system. I am not computer savvy. And in my mind this would be simple, but as the update slowed and then came to a complete halt, the apple phone support person told me that "worst case scenario" I might need to erase my disk and start over (losing everything on my computer). I saw the last few years of my life flash before my eyes. Because, no, of course I hadn't backed-up my hard-drive before I pressed that damn 'install' button. This was all happening at the same time that high winds and a cold snap decided to make its way through Portland with the power flickering and tree branches falling outside my window. I am pretty sure my blood pressure has been a bit on the high side. Luckily it didn't come to the worst case scenario in the end because I went with the knock-on-wood and wait it out method. Many, many hours later I finally saw my desktop again, my beautiful, beautiful desktop. The only thing I lost was my screensaver so after I spent the next several hours moving important files over to my external hard-drive I reinstalled a couple of my favorites (and found a couple more in the process). 

The winds, however, are still blowing and the temps here are unseasonably chilly - we even have the chance of snow and freezing rain in our forecast for the next couple days. There is a huge old oak tree outside my house that has caution tape blocking off about 2000 square feet because apparently it looks like it could come down. Crossing my fingers that if it does the wind is strong enough to blow it away from my house. And with that it seems I may be trading in my netflix marathons for breaking news weather coverage (for some reason i find "breaking news" being a frozen-over mud puddle  in the middle of parking lot immensely entertaining).

Image | Image screensaver | screensaver 1 | screensaver 2 | screensaver 3 | screensaver 4  Disclaimer: hopefully you are are smarter than me in the workings of computers and you will make sure anything you download from the internet will work with your system such as these screensavers. And, yes, in case you are wondering, I definitely learned my lesson to back-up everything. Frequently. 


  1. Your breaking news weather comment cracked me up. I emailed someone yesterday with the words THIS AFTERNOON in all caps because that's how the weather men are saying it. ;) We get breaking weather news pretty regularly around here and I love it. I love weather. I love that bottom right screen saver too. I also love happy endings, which this story has. :)

  2. Ugh I lost everything from my laptop post-college because I didn't back it up and then one day it died. All those pictures!

  3. Ha, I have that Fliqlo screensaver from the photo on all of my computers (both home computers and my work macbook). I love it. I am so panicky for you about that install situation. That's why I asked for a 500GB external harddrive last Christmas! I back up on the reg, because mon dieu...I don't even want to think about it. xo

  4. ha, I tried to back up my files before flying back to Europe. but apparently that can take hours. HOURS. who would have thought. to make a long story short, I couldn't finish the backup and was worried the whole flight that something might happen. have I learned my lesson? have I backed up my computer now that it made it save over the ocean? I haven't...

    off to do it RIGHT NOW

  5. Snow? Freezing rain?? I sure hope not, not for you and not for your tree!
    And I'm glad your computer came back to you- b4cause that is just as scary as winds that can knock down trees.


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