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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For the last several years we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house. As a child I had multiple places to go for the holidays which continued when I only had one child, Fisher. But after M+L came on along it felt a lot more enjoyable to be the ones hosting. This way whoever wants to see our smiling faces on this lovely holiday knows where to find us and is welcome. And now that most of us are gluten-free - well, I don't want to have to pass up on stuffing. And I know my kids definitely don't want to miss out on pumpkin pie, or apple pie, or any pie at all. At first it was a little difficult to take over the reigns, not for me (cough cough my mom), but now that I've been hosting for awhile people simply offer to donate money rather than bring a dish! I guess it wasn't so bad letting it go after all. I did enjoy my years of simply 'showing up' and I am sure when Fisher, or my sister is ready to take over I'll be ready to donate some funds to their holiday feasts. Only 6 years into this tradition of hosting and my ambitions have already gotten less and less lofty. I have somewhat mastered the gluten-free Thanksgiving (way easier than you'd think), but my dreams of a beautiful table setting continue to elude me. In fact I think they are getting worse. But it's okay as long as the food is getting better, right? 

I rounded-up these table setting inspirations awhile back, but if I am being perfectly honest if I get all the food I normally do each Thanksgiving on the table this year, I'll be happy (I haven't even made my grocery store list yet! oops). If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this year, what are your plans? Will you be hosting or guesting this year? (please don't tell me you'll be camping in line eating jack in the box for thanksgiving!)

I also found these super duper cute Thanksgiving drawing sets. I so love this idea and I think it would be perfect for groups of all ages. I am totally (maybe, if I don't procrastinate too hard) going to get one of these for next year. Here is Set One Set Two

And if you are feeling like decorating but don't know where to begin: This printable Thanksgiving decor set

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  1. We are not celebrating Thanksgiving, but it's always nice to see Thanksgiving table setting inspiration. And I could have oven-roasted turkey and pumpkin or apple pie every two weeks, so I'm trying to make those dishes as often as can during autumn. We usually spend the holidays with my parents, but I do love to host a festive dinner every once in a while.

  2. Love these table settings. We don't have Thanksgiving tradition in Norway and I was so grateful to get the full experience in Hawaii recently as our friends made a full on Thanksgiving for us. It was awesome! And such a wonderful tradition to have.

  3. I have a hard time believing that your table settings are anything but beautiful. will we see some pics :)

  4. I am loving the hanging leaves, and would think that would look beautiful year round, not just for Thanksgiving. Good luck tomorrow! I don't think I have it in me to host anything as daunting as Turkey Day. We always go to a family member's house to celebrate; this year, since J is going to Colombia tomorrow morning for his boss's wedding this weekend, I'm going to my aunt's solo. Let's not talk about it ;) xo

  5. These table settings are so beautiful and whimsical, too bad my table never looks a thing like this, haha! I serve great food, but haven't mastered the tablescape! ; ) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. I hosted this year (although I did no cooking at all) and it made things SO much easier with the little one. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving along with your family. PS- I don't like passing up any kind of pie either!

  7. This is beautiful! I think I'm going to ask my mum if she would mind letting me do the table setting for Christmas. I've seen so many cool things online recently. I really want to give it a try. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :) xx

  8. We actually had quite a classy table setting this year, different from the hen partiness of years past. And do share some of your gluten-free recipes when you get a chance. I'm sure Siri would love them.


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