Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last week we celebrated our first marlaversary! It's been a whole year since our sweet and saucy pup came into our lives and hearts. Truth be told I had been looking forward to this milestone. Having a rescue puppy involves a lot of stuff. There is so much to learn. I will compare this to having a new baby, because now I've done both and I must say for me the dog was much more nerve wracking. The first few months were the hardest not knowing her. Her not knowing us. Not knowing if we were doing what she needed. Not knowing if she'd grow out of some of her quirks. Not knowing I'd know anything ever. I feel like we know the answer to many of those questions now. We know she loves to roll around in grass and run really really fast and lick everything (and no that habit doesn't seem to be one she's going to grow out of). She loves to be held like a baby with her head up on your shoulder - if you sing while doing this she pretty much melts. When she spins and stomps her feet she needs to outside. When she just looks at you and stomps her feet she wants to play. She loves afternoon naps. She hates the sun, rain, and wind and completely forgets how to walk under these conditions. Overcast grey skies are her favorite (lucky for her she was moved from an L.A. shelter to Portland). She doesn't bite our hands off anymore when we play with her. She gets super depressed after being groomed and won't "talk" to us for exactly 5 days afterward. She loves to have the top of her head scratched and her ears rubbed (but leave her tail alone!). She is not a barker or a chewer. But she does have a few quirks that seemingly are here to stay. And after a year I am totally okay with that. In fact they make me love her more. Sweet stuff that Marla is. 

This week was the elections and, for Oregon, I have to say the bleeding heart liberal in me is pretty proud of the passing of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. What I am happy about is the complete decriminalization of it (for certain amounts that is). So many resource/dollars/lives are wasted on this war on drugs and I feel like this is a move in the right direction (4 states and DC - times are a'changin'). Hopefully they will put the dollars to good use once they start collecting on the revenue. I'd love to see it go to mental health care, drug addiction programs, free health care, and schools. Disappointed in the failure of our measure to label GMO foods. But it was close. Next time. How did your state do? I know Washington and California had big wins too.

Last week Apartment Therapy featured M+L's bedroom make-over reveal. You can see it here

This photography series between a mother and adopted daughter that proved to be a bonding experience for them both. 

This video. No regrets. 

I am signing off here for the week. I hope you all have a fabulous and long weekend ahead! 


  1. Oh my gosh, that gorgeous girl! She really is my favorite "look" of pup (totally discriminatory here!). All scruffy and sad eyed. But you can see that glimmer too. I'm so glad she loves Portland. :) We've been looking and pups here too, I have to admit (Neel and Cal want a boy dog named Milo and I keep saying, "But I already KNOW a real boy named Milo!"), but I think there are too many variables right now to make it a good time. Plus our other girls are getting along really well, which make us think Violet might have been a home-wrecker!

    Elections were not so good here and this is where living in the south is HARD. I swore off the news months ago, and that's a good thing. Big hand clap to Oregon though, on lots of things!

  2. Marla is so cute and I bet she brings a ray of joy in your family every single day.

    I think the legalizing of marijuana for recreational use is a good thing and I wish the labeling of GMO foods passed too - I think this is a general, not only an American, concern and I can not understand how little progress has been made in this regard, with the things that we are only too aware of when it comes to the food issues today.

  3. Happy Marlaversary! The boy and the dog. That love there was both of their fates. I didn't know about the legalization of Pot and we're right here next to DC. I too swore news off eons ago.Yes, it's all good.
    Love to ya',

  4. Five days exactly? Sounds like me after I get a haircut as well. Ahh the trials and tribulations of owning a pet. Sometimes I'm so glad that they can't talk and other days I just wish they could. Your household needed another female in it and I'm glad you guys found one that was oh so cute

  5. has it really been a year? oh my how time flies. and so cute that she loves the portland weather - i think i would too!

    as for the elections this past week, florida is way behind oregon. i am completely with you - it needs to be decriminalized, especially for clogging jails with "criminals" in possession. you would think that the government would love to opportunity to legalize something and get to tax it, right? but no. our small step (medical marijuana use) was voted for in the majority (57%) but did not reach the super majority (60%) that florida requires for amendments. le sigh. it's not something that will personally affect me, but that doesn't mean i don't see the benefits of how it can improve people's lives and benefit our legal system. blah blah i could go on :) what i mean to say is, i completely agree with you!

  6. Happy Marlaversary, from Fitz and us!! There is SO much that goes into owning a dog, and it more than doubles when you adopt/rescue one. People don't really get that until they adopt for themselves, but it's an entirely different ball game. All those quirks and idiosyncrasies that eventually become adorable and part of their charm are things that people overlooked and singled out as reasons to walk past their crate at the shelter. It's such a shame! But the right dog ended up with both of us, I think :) And I'm so happy to read this update!! I've missed her scruffy lil mug.
    Oh, and about the election: PA did pretty well, too! Our horrible, offensive, anti-choice, cut-$1m-from-the-school-budget governor is out! I'm not as pleased about results from the rest of the country, ahem. Have a great weekend, twinsy! xo

  7. happy marlaversary. I'm glad everything worked out well for you guys. and happy weekend xoxo

  8. Awe, she is so sweet! Happy Marlaversary! I wonder if she'd like to come over and play with my cats?

  9. What a lovely little pup! I've been wanting a dog for awhile now and it's interesting to read about your journey with Marla.



  10. Isn't she just a heart melter! From as far back as I can remember, we have always had rescue dogs and for me, their quirks make them all that more special. So glad she has brought so much joy to your lives so happy Marlaversary. And hello, you are on Apartment Therapy! That dresser.


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