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Thursday, December 4, 2014

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. And by lately I mean probably somewhere around the last six months. Even though I find I am constantly busying myself with one thing or the next, I haven't felt like I have actually been in a forward moving motion for a long time. In fact I've felt pretty stagnant and I know that means that I need to really sit down and evaluate a few things. Ideas are starting to take shape but I will save that for another day. 

One of the issues I have had lately is that I am a list-maker (if I don't have a to-list to follow everyday i am likely to not do anything at all). However, and this is where the issue part comes in, sometimes that list is so long and so daunting and filled with so many things from so many different areas of my life, that this tried and true method stops working for me. Thus the list grows and grows as I stare at it blindly and the words jumble and spin on the page. My to-do lists lately are pages long. Filled with various goals ranging from mundane and repetitive tasks, to huge long-reaching, huge time-investment goals. I've realized lately that these lists are obviously counter-productive. I can't reference lists where 'learn html coding' is right underneath 'make the beds.' So I decided a good first step is to take the time to sit down to prioritize and organize my goals. To do so I made these hand-dandy (i hope!) goal sheets. 

There are three goals sheets in each set (there are two sets: one with profanity because I think I need a little foul language to get me moving right now. and one that is rated PG for those who aren't motivated by cussing at themselves). 

The first sheet is a goal worksheet to work on up to three goals from your giant to-do list to start with. So figure those out first (prioritize where you want to start). And then decide what steps you need to take to reach the goal/s. Finally break those steps down into simple actions. So using 'learn html coding' for the example goal to begin with - the steps could be: take a class, read books, watch youtube video's, subscribe to online series, etc.. And the actions can be to pick one of those steps such as: research books - order a book - read chapter one of book. Break it down into teeny tiny babysteps. You can download the write that shit down version here. Or you can download the more friendly small steps everyday version here

The other two sheets are daily/weekly to-do charts for post-it notes so you can write new goals daily/weekly and pull them off as you go along (i found the idea here). 

For the weekly you can post 5 big steps to take for the week and do one each day. get that shit done version here. small steps everyday version here.

For the daily you can break it down into smaller goals or add other daily tasks and just pull them off throughout the day and when the chart is empty you can eat some chocolate (chocolate not included). get that shit done version here. small steps everyday version here.


  1. I feel like I'm reading my autobiography. :) I live and die by my to-do list too, and I've been trying to move it to my phone, and it's just not working. I'm hoping that I'm not in the habit yet, but to-do lists are different from goals and I feel (like you, maybe) that the two are completely mixed up for me. "Order Christmas cards" shouldn't be on the same list as "redesign site." I'll definitely give these a try! Maybe I'll turn them into a garland for my mantle like I did with your Christmas printables last year! ;)

    1. haha, that cracks me up. maybe i should just go ahead and make new gift tags this year ;)

  2. I echo Lauren. this could be me. and like you, I write list after list after list, some verging on the ridiculous. like paint toe nails next to update CV. I've tried the breaking tasks down, focusing on three main things to do for the day before moving on to toe nails and the like, never with pretty sheets like yours, and I hate to say it, but that didn't work either. I felt hugely productive while breaking everything down to easy steps and making neat lists, and then life took over, I couldn't do half of what at first looked reasonable to do in a day, tried to move it into the next, already perfectly planned day, well, you get the picture. I don't want to discourage you or anyone, I'm just looking for a solution to that dilemma. simple things like reading one chapter of a book per day plus doing half an hour of vocabulary training for example usually go haywire within a week. it just doesn't seem to work for me. I keep going back to more general lists. I rarely ever go through all of what's on them, but at least I get something done, and I laugh at myself at how ridiculous they are.

    I think the bigger problem for me, and maybe for you too, is that we have too many different things we want to achieve. I want to learn html coding too and am making some progress. I want to write more. grow my business. get better at technical aspects of photography. cook more. have friends over for dinner on a somewhat regular basis [at the moment I don't even manage once a month]. work out regularly. get a lot better at yoga. meditate. but I also need to get groceries, clean, do laundry, work, listen to my partner and be there for friends if they need me. and none of this is reasonably doable. not for me or you or Lauren. it's just too much. maybe the way forward is to prioritize. or to adjust our expectations. we either learn a little html and do a little of whatever else we want to do, or we dedicate a year to getting really good at it and sacrifice certain other things we enjoy to do.

    sorry for the long ramblings, but as I said, I'm struggling with similar thing. a lack of focus and momentum, even though enough is moving in my life...

    1. i totally agree with what you are saying. i can't have learn html coding, redesign website, watch a 12 hour video series on sales and marketing and so on, on one damn list. it's crazy. so this, for me, is really to pull three things out. and just take some very small steps towards it.

      first i am hoping it helps me figure out where i truly want to start. because some of these things are serious goals that i do want to set time aside for each day or week regardless of the rest of life getting in the way. there are goals i truly want/need to make time for. and some of them are wishes that will probably never happen. i am trying to weed it out and just start somewhere. and i know once i start somewhere, once i start checking things off, i start feeling more confident. and i start feeling more sane ;)

      i also hope that picking three things to start and breaking them down actually helps me commit to them. i've been doing it for a few days and it's working . . . i'll report back in another 3 and see if i'm still patting myself on the back or laying in a pool of tears.

  3. i'm a list maker but only for anything regarding to work. when it comes to my personal life, i never have any set plans or goals. sometimes that scared me. hhhaa. maybe i should start to make plans now.

  4. I have a very unpredictable schedule and making a to-do list is a must in order to get certain things (especially work related) done during the day.

  5. petra brings up a great point and something that we are all a bit reluctant to admit: you can't do it all. maybe the solution is just picking ONE major goal and breaking that down into small, acheivable goals. work on it consistantly, daily, like it's your job. see it through start to finish and once you've acomplished that goal, and only then, pick the next big ambition.
    of course, you should have another list for the more mundane but equally important tasks (house chores, grocery shopping, paying bills, heck, painting nails too!), to make sure all that stuff gets done, but they are things that don't neccessarily require as much energy/effort. plus, you'll feel great easily checking those off and will have a feeling of forward movement, even when your bigger goal may not be moving as fast.
    it looks as though your worksheets are modeled in that respect and i like how they help to funnel that BIG GOAL into thiny, managable steps. good luck, friend, i know you have it in you!

    1. i wish i could just pick one goal :) having a business, unfortunately, i have to multitask and juggle many things at a time and often have more than one goal that needs my attention (like yesterday). i definitely don't think picking 3 huge goals at one time is realistic but maybe one big, and a couple lesser more manageable ones. the good thing is that if anyone wants to use these worksheets they get to interpret them and use them in any way that works for them! and of course there is always trial and error ;) xx

  6. I'm a list maker too- big time. I wonder if the long list said do to the fact that the year is almost over and it really is time to 'get shit done'. Love this- thank you for posting Christine!

    1. yes, i think so. i know i don't want to start the new year feeling like there is a giant list of things i haven't done trailing behind me. like petra said, i think that they need to be weeded out, cut way back. and then if i am to get serious about them i may need to sacrifice some other things in order to so. i am hoping to have that sorted by the new year i think. xo

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who love making list :) I love lists! And yes it gets really overwhelming when the list gets longer all the time. Love this printable!

  8. We're all list makers here. I have the tendency to easily get overwhelmed then have a minor emotional meltdown as result. Thanks for sharing these goal sheets and for explaining how to break it down into smaller more manageable steps. I need all the help I can get

  9. These are great! It's so easy to get bogged down in never ending lists. These is such a helpful system. : )

  10. I love a good goal list. What is best about goals is once your jot it down, it will happen.

    Ive been in a funk too but my excuse is I just had a baby! lol. I hope you share your goals because you can do anything- it's a matter of wanting and doing.

  11. Hi, before I go any further, are you aware that in your "friendly" version the last two sheets are the same (not in the "cussed" version just in the "friendly" version).
    For me the problem is I'm so overwhelmed with what's going on in my life that I don't know where to start. 6-1/2 years ago I lost my Mom and my sister. At the time I had been on my own over 35 years so had my own complete household plus then added my Mom's and about 1/2 my sister's. And still have most of it. My apartment is only meant for one person and my cat. And the whole thing has been stagnating ever since. There have been other things that have gone on during that 6-1/2 years that have only acerbated the problem. So I'm stuck as to where to start. I need the physical room to be able to sort through boxes and to purge. But I don't have the room. And, I'm not physically well enough to do very much lifting. Know very few people here so can't very well ask for help. And don't have the money to pay for help.
    I really like the idea of your list breakdown - gradually working down to what the lowest common denominator is and then working my way up. I'm going to give it a try even with the draw-backs I'm facing. A couple of years ago I tried a trick: I would haul a box into my bedroom, unpack and sort everything on my bed. So I knew that if I wanted to sleep that night I would have to clear the bed off. Well, that worked well! NOT! I don't know how many nights I shared my bed with, not only my cat, but some belongings as well. That got me fed up so I started putting things back in the box at the end of the day which defeated the whole exercise. Well, that worked well! NOT! So here I am.
    I want to believe that things will work out. It's the old "I have to move B and C in order to get to A and then need to push away D and E so I can sort A." Make sense? Nope, didn't think so!
    Best of luck to all of you, Cathy
    P.S. Sorry for the rambling.
    P.P.S. Just had a great thought. We'll all get together and help each other out. Draw straws to see who goes first. Sooooo, anyone near SW Ontario Canada? :-)

  12. Thanks! I love the goal list to break my steps down...

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  15. Thank you so very much for these free printables, I so much appreciate people such as yourself who take the time to help others! I am hoping these will help to descramble my brain and help me keep things simple! Best wishes to you.

  16. I LOVE these printable! I also need swearing to motivate me on occasion and these are perfect! I can't wait to use them, I shared them with my friend as well! I'm not sure if it's user error, but on the weekly "Get Shit Done" version it is the link for the "Small Steps" version. Just an FYI!

    Thanks again!!

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